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Reunion and the trip to the states



Well we had so much fun at my Mom's side of the familys' reunion. There were family I haven't seen since I was 8 years old (which is quite awhile) :dribble:

Uncles and Aunts were everywhere, my cousins Judy, Pam and Sue just wouldn't stop hugging me, I used to live with them when I was 16 (they're all in their 40's now). My uncle tom started a food fight, of which he got the worst. My brother who I don't see often came for the reunion as he was only at Clear lake (about 65 miles away), it was nice to see him as he's not a very healthy guy, and doesn't travel much because of it.

Kathleen said she hasn't seen me have so much fun, or laugh so much in a long time. She said it made her feel good so see me having such a good time. The reunion was held on my cousins property 5 miles out of Brandon which is about 125 miles from Winnipeg. All in all the weekend was a blast.


Now the trip to Grand Forks.

We stayed in a hotel in Brandon, and left Sunday for Grand Forks. Car ran great, 01 Grand AM, the one we're buying this weekend. We had reservations at the Comon-inn, beautiful place, huge pool and six hot tubs no waiting :) The breakfast they served was unbeleivable, all kinds of fruit, huge waffles(you made them yourself), muffins, baggles, donuts, toast, different cereals, several juices, three different kinds of cappichino, and all the coffee you could drink. We shopped and shopped for two days and started to get worried that we were over our limit for paying duty (we were under ;)

Had a great ride back, but was glad to be home. This was just a pre-curser for our big trip, we may go down again before the snow flies, and we have enough cash to go.


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Glad the trip went so well for you. Your talking about it brought a smile to my's great to get with family members. Glad your accommodations were great as well.

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your family reunion sounds like fun I would have love to be fly on the wall. I m glad you enjoyed ur stay in the hotel wait till u board that cruise of urs.




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Family Reunions are so fun! Lots of laughs and plenty food as well! Glad you laughed your head off, that's the best kind of medicine besides s*x...LOL! Glad you got to relax, drink good drink and eat good food at your hotel! And you shopped till you dropped...GROOVY! And now you got the big cruise to look forward to!..BRAVO STU!

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Glad you hd so much fun. and that the hotel and everything turned out so Well.We went to John's family reunion a few years ago, it was GREAT. will not make the one this year.. hopefully next. I had a great time.. even though it is his

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stu, sounds like you had a blast at your reunion. now you are ready for your cruise. don't tire yourself out to much, be sure to rest up. we sure have missed our bubble man in chat. hope you see you back in chat soon.

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