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Ah Ah Captain



Well we decided to take the plunge so to speak. Carnival Cruise Line's "Victory" one day at sea, then Puerto Rico, St. Marrten, St.John, St.Thomas, two fundays days at sea and then back to Miami for some shopping :gleam: It will be like a second honeymoon for us, Daniel (our son ) and (his girlfriend) Marley are coming along so I can't misbehave too much. :dribble:


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it will be awesome trip, I just had my first cruise vacation & it was great, all these reputed cruise keeps customers well ocupied and happy. have lots of fun & attend all the shows they are the best.




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stu, how wonderful for you, i am sure you will have a great time, enjoy your time away, of coarse we want pictures on your return. have a great cruise.

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How Groovy Stu! Second honeymoon eh? (hubba..hubba, wink..wink) LOL! Just tell your son and girlfriend to look away and close their eyes!!How exciting for you!

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