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We're moved but..............



Well the move went good, but we were up at 6AM on moving day trying to look after all the little things we'd forgotten. Mover showed up at 9:30AM, he should've been there at 8:30AM.

The Resident managers flunkys started to tell me that we only had two hours, and if the mover was late then another tenant's movers were needing the elevator.

Well they shutup when I said "how many is that now that have moved out since May ..30?"

Movers finally showed (they were having breakfast of all things) saw what they had to move and started to whine, my sister-in-law took a strip out of them about being paid per hour so more time means more money (never heard a peep the rest of day :)

Move took 9 hrs., our help to unpack ate 4 pizzas, drank multiple beers(not me just 2). I paid off the mover, then two hours later he had the nerve to call saying he had charged me wrong and needed another $100.

I put it away in the cookie jar, if he doesn't come by to pick up by the end of month, we'll use it to have dinner on him ;) We have about 25 boxes left to unpack, but the bedroom, computer room, kitchen and livingroom are fairly unpacked, just food stuffs (canned), knicknacks, and Kathleen's scrapbooking stuff left.

Went to Safeway (grocery store) this morning to get some things till the weekend, then we do a major shop.


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Stu, it all takes time and money. Mover sounds like a schemer but hey! you get that.

Glad it is over for you. Look forward to seeing the photos of the new place. Hope your new neighbourhood is a pleasant place to live.



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Well GROOVY Stu! That's telling them Flunky's and Movers! Yeah..what nerve that Mover had calling you back, what did your contract with them say the price was? You're too nice, I might have said, "you snooze you lose"..Plus they were late! Glad you got out of the old and in to the new. BRAVO!

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Best of Luck nd Happiness in your new place, I think you were nice also.. I may have said. Well since you were an hour late the $100.00 is my charge for having to wait and dealing wih the land lord about the elevator.


Soon things will be in place and you will be feeling settled in and "homey" at least the worst part seems to be over.

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Glad the move was successful though a tad aggravating. The Hired help these days - geez. Soon you two will have everything finished and it will never seem like you just moved in.

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gld your move is complete, and aggravation is over now it's time to settle down in new home with new dreams




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Glad you got moved I just hate the thought of moving especially since one acquires so much stuff in their life time.. a lot of it which we will never need and won't miss till we throw it out or give it away.. I just wish it would sort itself and then we could pick and choose where to put it.. most of it can go to more needy folks..hope to do that soon before I get too old and can't do it any more..Times a wasting...

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