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Moving's begging to be sooo much fun



Well I'm going to tie up a few things Monday morning for the move, and get the new apartment keys. I'm sitting at a stop sign, look both ways twice and "clunk" some guy on a bicycle "on the sidewalk" runs into me as I turn. I get out, he's OK, but his bike isn't, I squashed the front wheel up good.

I asked him what he was doing on the sidewalk as it's illegal, and that he could of been killed shooting across the walkway on his bike "supposed to walk it across". Now he's not a kid (around 18-19 yrs.old) so he should know better. I looked at the bike and said he could get the rim straightened or just replace it ( I admitted no fault), and out the kindness of my heart gave him $20 so he could take the bike home in a cab's trunk rather than drag it home, or put it towards the repair. Looked my car over ( No Damage luckily). He said Ok I'll get it straightened ( where do I go), I looked at him like do I look like I'm a phone book. I said there are anumber of places around town, got in the car and left. On later reflection, he was real nervous, don't know if it was the accident or maybe the bike was stollen as it looked quite new (but he did take the cash fast). Guess I'll never know unless he files a claim with AutoPac , which he'll loose when I tell them about him being on the sidewalk.

Moving's beggining to be so much fun ;)


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Glad to hear that there were no major injuries (cept to the bike). Yes, he shoulda NOT been riding on the sidewalk and YES he was of age to know that. But SO many times good old fashioned Common Sense is not a part of an individual's thinking. If the bike was actually stolen, perhaps he will think twice about performing illegal behaviors in the future. Perhaps this was a "warning" to him.

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hey stu, sorry about the accident, but happy no one was hurt,except the bike, which can be fixed thanks to you. as donna said, commonsense is non-existent anymore it seems with people. i hope your moving experience has no more accidents..

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