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Fall is in the air



:Clap-Hands: Autumn is getting close. There has been a coolness in the air the last few days. We even had a low in the upper 40's this morning, and we are expecting a high maybe in the lower 60's with rain by Monday. There are also a few leaves changing color. It can also snow in September, a few years ago we had a bad storm that was made worse because all of the leaves on the trees made the snow too heavy and many trees just broke.

I am looking a little towards the first freeze, mainly because hopefully it will get rid of the flies and wasps. Whenever Teddy goes outside it is inevitable a couple of flies and on a couple of occasions a wasp will get inside. It is really funny watching Teddy (the great white and black hunter)chase the fly down. He will catch one now and then and will eat it :silly:

When I am outside with him I have a flyswatter and when I try and swat one it upsets Teddy, he thinks I might be swatting at him. :Doh: Fortunately, he has not caught a wasp, or gotten stung by one. I did get stung once, but it didn't hurt at all :fighter:

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Yes some of the wasps and yello jackets can get pretty agressive in late summer and Fall. I keep kids.. liquid Benadryl (dyphenhydramine) on hand. Two of mine found a ground hornet nest one year... The vet told me the dose for dogs is 1 mg per pound of dog. one teaspoon is equal to 5 cc's and 12.5 mg. so one teaspoon for a 12 1/2 pound dog. I keep a kids medicine dropper in my doggie first aid kit. Molly does not like flies .. or bugs that fly.. but she is a bit more cautious what she snaps at now. She once came in the house with a large black ant firmly attached to her lip.

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