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Saudi Arabia



I was in Saudi Arabia from Nov 1990 to April 1991. Fortunately, it was winter so the temperature was relatively cool. It even rained a little once.

The Saudi people are very friendly, but do have unusual customs. They have a special police force to enforce Muslim rules, we called them "The God Squad". It was alright for 2 men to walk together hand and hand, but a man and woman were forbidden to. There was an amusement park in the city, but one day only mothers and daughters could go together, the next day only father and sons. Christians can only enter the country by invitation of a Saudi citizen, and then many are stripped searched at the airport. Bringing Bibles into the country is forbidden. No Jews period. Women could not drive. I saw a woman in the back of a pickup, while her small son rode in the cab. We drove by a Prince's palace and every day we would see women sitting on the sidewalk dressed in all black waiting for the bus. That must be fun in summertime. Women had to ride in the back of the bus. I was there during Ramadan, many people would simply not work during the day, and then party at night. Many Saudis loved to just camp out in the desert.

their justice system is quick. Once, a person fired a shot at co-coalition forces on a Tuesday, he was beheaded in the public square the next Sunday. Foreigners are encouraged to show up at these executions, and are often encouraged to go to the front.

Their weekends are Thursday and Friday, since Friday is the Sabbath there. They have a lot of immigrants doing the dirty jobs, most come from other, but poorer Muslim countries like Bangla Desh.

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hey Doug:


My hubby worked in Saudi from 86-88, and when he lived there, they would cover their windows since if any woman complained about guys peeking through window can loose their eyes by thse God police and as nonmuslim u r guilty till proven otherwise.





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