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bereft without you



Well, the computer went kaput! Again. Third time this year. Now I am back on an older model rebuilt to serve me for a while I hope. I have a new firewall program thanks to Bonnie so let's hope it doesn't let any more of those dastardly trojans in to zap my bios.


I have missed you all times 1000 and I have wanted every day to come on and catch up on the latest postings, the latest blogs, the latest news of any kind concerning any of you. I missed my chat and being without that left a hole in my heart - I really was bereft. What a bad feeling it is to be cut off from communicating in a way I have become accustomed to.


So (((HUGS))) to you all. I look forward to hearing from you all soon. In whatever form that usually takes.


And all the happenings in the past days, like Father's Day on September 2nd with Tori here from Saturday afternoon and the family coming over for a BBQ tea on Sunday night. Then at Craft group on Tuesday the "girls" brought in a cake to celebrate Ray's birthday, even before he had it. He was so pleased with all the fuss.


On Saturday 8th it was Ray's REAL 65th birthday and we had Tori come Friday night so she and I got up and cooked Pa's breakfast and then we all went off to the church Spring Fair. More Birthday greetings there from a few people who are becoming more than acquaintances now, more like friends. It has taken us a while to settle into this church but I think we are finally there. Then the family came back on Saturday night and we all went out to dinner.


We also went out Sunday, to a little village where Ray lived as a child to a reunion that happens every year. I made the big effort to get there but as it was raining only about fifty people turned up, only a handful Ray knew were there so it was a bit disappointing. I figure as the years go by I may not be abe to get out so much with Ray so it was still worth the effort to go. Of course all his family rang while we were out at the reunion so he only got phone messages but at least they all rang this year. And we rang most of them back. So he really did have a good birthday. Turned out to have three birthday cakes in total and Ray LOVES cake.


So spring is warming up and there is as usual plenty to do. I would like to get out in the garden, clean out all the cupboards, thrown away the oldest clothes and buy some new ones. But it is hard to concentrate on all that with our visit to our daughter and family coming up next week, and all there is to do before then. I feel like the mouse on the wheel, running but getting nowhere! Where does all the time disappear to? Bring on the 28 hour day, I need it now!


With a little bit of luck I will be on chat Tuesday night and do some catching up.


For now, God bless, hope to catch up with you all soon.


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Glad to hear Ray had a good birthday - 3 birthday cakes - definitely fitting for such a special person. We've definitely missed you on-site; hope the computer problems are over for you.

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I'm happy you are back. I was worried something had happened. Happy belated birthday greetings to Ray. 65 - WOW.



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Nice to see you back. I'm glad that Ray had such a nice birthday.. When I hear you speak of spring it makes me realize that winter is coming soon and I do not like a lot of the cold stormy days.. Least of all shoveling the snow.. Think we may try and go away for a time after Xmas... but will see how things go here in the health dept.. talk to you soon on chat...

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Happy to have you back. I was worried sick about you!!!! I'm going to have to get your phone number so next time you're offline for more than a few days and I don't think you're on vacation, I can call and check on you. Glad Ray had a good birthday and you've been keeping busy getting out and about with him.





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glad to see you back, I miss your honest soul searching blogs, glad life is going on great for you & Ray, i love birthday celebration with family and friends, it makes me happy to share joy with family members.we don't know what tomorrow will bring so have to make most out of every day.




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