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another bump in the road



well the update on dawson is a great one. he has recovered very well and back to his sweet bouncy self. we are watching him closely so he doesn't jump up on things to much. he has accomplished this without pain but i don't want him to reinjure himself so we have put out the doggie steps to help him get where he wants to go. he just bounces up those steps like they were nothing. he is so cute and funny. my other dog won't use the steps and he needs to. hes 12year old minpin alittle overweight but thats another story. the bad news this week is our sewer line has collapsed in our front yard so now we have to dig that up and replace it or pay to have someone do it quickly. my poor husband is trying to work and keep an paycheck coming in, he works 12-14 hour days in this ariz heat. he's got to much on him as it is. matthew is in school all day, his wife teaches all day. i guess that leaves me to dig up the sewer line,lol that would be a sight to behold. its always something around here. maybe i will just dig a pit and we can use that for the time being as a toliet. i'm only kidding of course. maybe i could rent a backhoe and practice my driving skills post stroke. another sight you wouldn't want to watch. we will get something done before the neighbors start complaining. the black cloud looms again. never a dull moment around this household,lol i am ready for my vacation with my sister next week. i'm trying to get the house in order before she comes. carpets were cleaned today. everything else is pretty much done, the major things anyway. i will tackle the other things later this week or first of next week. i can only do so much which she will have to understand. she had a total house remodeling done a month or so ago. i wish i could do the same, i think we need it. oh well, ithings could be worse i suppose.


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Oh Kim, sorry to hear that old dumb black cloud keeps appearing over your house. It is great news about Dawson doing better - bless his heart. I guess his bouncing around his way too of showing how happy he is to be feeling well. Plus it doesn't sound like he's holding any grudges for being confined. That's the difference between dogs and cats - cats will get even.


You definitely need that vacation with your sister - hope you have a terrific time up north. Hopefully the sewage problems are resolved quickly w/o you doing any of the digging - unless you want to be a local celeb on the news or newspapers - picture the headlines: Disabled Woman Operates Backhoe...Digs up Front Yard and All Else in Her Path :hahaha: :yikes:

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So glad to hear Dawson is doing better, and those doggie steps are great. Sorry about the sewer problem.. YUCK. I did drive/not actually do much with a bulldozer... that wa in my mid 30's lol and pre stroke. I see those little tiny back hoe's and tell John .. i need one of those..lol Having 5 acres.. he does have a big/old backhoe we use here on the farm. hope the probelm is done and over quickly.Your sister will understand .. my house does not look lkie the pages Sunset or Martha Stewert either. Have a great time with your sister and on your trip.

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