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Never PO an intel anylist



As an old intel analyst, I am constantly gathering intel on everything, especially other people. Actually it is very easy, always listen and watch. You will be amazed what other people say or do without even realizing it. Especially if you know a few things to look for. For example watch out for people who are far too friendly, or talkative when you first meet them. Another more common, you see it very often on TV. When someone is really crying and carrying on, except there are no tears. That is a good indication, but not guaranteed, that that person is lying.

Anyway, I was having problems with a nut case that was walking Teddy. I gathered intel on things she didn't like or upset her. Anyway, she was basically ripping me off demanding more and more money. I finally fired her, but as a said she was a nut case, and was mad at me for not paying her. She was constantly trying to get under my skin. I wrote incident reports after incident report, but her harassment continued. She is basically a bully. Last night I saw Donald Trump on TV talking about how to deal with bullies(Rosie O'Donnell, hit them straight between the eyes. On the way to lunch that nut case made remarks under her breath as she does quite often. With a who me? attitude.

So as I was leaving the dining room, I stopped by her table and let her have it with all the intell I had gathered on her in the past, it would make Lenny Bruce blush, but I got my point across. She squealed like a stuck pig and ran to the head nurse saying how disgusting and insulting to her I was. The head nurse basically told her she hoped she learned a lesson. **smack!**


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