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Ending up at ER on Thursday



Last Wednesday I went to pick up my prescriptions. There was a display of Glucosamine with MSM. John had knee surgery and has some arthritis, and I do to along with some Central Pain Syndrome. I thought, well I will buy a bottle for us, fall is coming and maybe this will help us with some of our aches and pains.


I opened the bottle Wednesday and we each took one with dinner.. The dose is 2 tablets a day. I took the second one Thursday morning around 11 am. about 45 minutes later, my hands started itching and burning.. Thinking what did I touch or use? I washed my hands well with soap and water... then I started to itch all over... I noticed my hands swelling , and beginning to feel a bit odd. I tried to get my rings off.. no way. Getting itchier .. all over.. I went and looked in the bathroom mirror... OMG.. what is that looking back at me? It is bright pink.. and looks a bit odd. pulled up my shirt.. huge welts.. I took a Benadryl.. waited about 15 minutes and took another one. My heart started racing some. I called John and said I need to go to ER. He said.. I am an hour away from the house. Call the Dr's office. I called and explained. He said take 2 more Benadryl. and if you feel worse go to ER.


I am trying not to panic. .. feel my heart racing, I get an orange notepad and write down.. my medications, and what I had taken, Dr's name etc and set on top of my purse... in case i have to call 911 or i pass out.


Sean (John's son) called him, Sean was on his way home from work.. goes past our house. He will pick me up and take me to ER ..


We get to the ER I think the 100mg of Benadryl is starting to work some, I am not quite as itchy, my heart races, and slows down.


They took me back right away and hooked me up to monitors, My hands are very swollen and the RN says I have to get your rings off.. She takes soft tape and winds it under my ring and around my finger.. she says this is going to hurt. ( she was not kidding). i felt like my finger was going to explode, .. and then she pulls the tape up and with some work off comes the ring.. ok 2 more times.


The Dr. comes in, and I am given 40 mg of prednisone, and figures the 100mg of Benadryl is PLENTY. so keeps me for observation.


I am getting sleepy.. I fall asleep and 2 times set off the alarms.. The nurse asks if I have sleep apnea? I tell her I don't know. I had quit breathing for a moment, but when she came in a told me to take deep breaths I did. I was discharged at 5 pm. they wanted to keep me there, incase the reaction came back .. or until my heart rate came into normal range. Dr said you live in the "boonie's" I'm going to keep you here for at least 3 or 4 hours.


I am on prednisone for 4 days, had to take some Bendryl Friday, but am doing much better now.


Wow what a scarey experience ... nothing i want to repeat...


John is taking the Glucosamine/MSM.... NOT ME..... :doctor:


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Glad to hear you are doing better. I bet you were petrified (to put it mildly). Gonna have to find something else to help w/aches and pains.

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You must have a shell food allergy? If so, you have to read labels when you deal with products like Glucosamine, some actually have ground up shells in them. Glad you got to the ER.



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I have always been under orders to take nothing prescription or over the counter unless a Dr, (or I guess a pharmacist) says so.


Not great when one is hurting but much safer.


Glad all turned out ok in the end.

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Well I have asked my Dr about supplements and what I have taken. he said ok. Also I have never been allergic to shellfish or shrimp in the past .. I love seafood, scallops, clams, shrimp.. So this actually came as a BIG surprise.I had taken some glucosamine in a few years ago, I have also taken MSM.. but at a lower dose.. I am not allergic to beef or pork The ER Dr said sometimes they make the glucosamine from pork or beef.. No know allergies to anything that is listed on the bottle.. I guess you can become allergic to things at any time, so I will be carrying Benadryl with me, and definately aware of the symptoms coming on now. I have taken th4e Calcium from oyster shells in the past and no problems. so it could be some type of filler.??? or it being a large dose.. i'm not sure and definately not ready to find out.

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glad you are better now. hope it wasn't a reaction caused by crossing ibe of you regular meds with it, i don't know what i am talking about, but i know some things can't be taken together, and yes keep the benedryl handy. prob is the filler, hope it's not from china. :yadayada:

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glad you are doing better now, better stay away from that medicine. your whole experience sounds scary, I m going to buy & keep benedryl st our home.






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Glad to hear you are better. What a scare.


I take glucosamine chrondotin all the time for arthritis. I helps me so I can understand why you would want to try. I buy mine from The Vitamin Shoppe, which means there are few additives. I like to buy a lot of stuff from them because the products they carry have fewer things added, particularly preservatives. Also, they list online what is contained.


Seems like an allergic reaction to something.


Will be thinking about you.

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bonnie, i am so glad you are doing better. please don't do that again. always check with your dr first before taking supplements or otc drugs. sometimes you don't know what is in them and yes allergies can surface at any time. as we age our bodies do not tolerate things to well. having benadryl around is always a good thing. stay well. we don't like to have our friends in the er,lol.

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You must have a shell food allergy? If so, you have to read labels when you deal with products like Glucosamine, some actually have ground up shells in them. Glad you got to the ER.




I can't touch that stuff just because I get a slight reaction to clams, and it's weird just clams ( can eat any other seafood I like). Who knows what shells are ground and in it.

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Glad you're OK and back in the saddle.. Quite a scare, allergies are no fun. I'm allergic to Xmas oranges and have to be careful of how many I eat... Cause I just love them, but my tongue and lips swell up so I have to be careful how many I eat.. I use Loratidine which seems to work..I take that daily for my itch due to my blood disorder.. I also take Glucosamine From Melaluca which doesn't seem to have the cellulose that the cheaper ones do..I also take omega three oil capsules..

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