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A Little Up Date



I think the last time I Blogged I had been in ER. Well luckily that is behind me now. I did get my wedding rings re-sized.. The next time I realize I am swelling.. Rings OFF first thing. The reaction happened so quickly.. and I am a little slower Thinking now, it took a bit for me to realizie I was having a allergic reaction. I had never had one like that before. So I am sure (hopefully) I will be more aware of the signs coming on.


Everything here is pretty much as Normal .. as it ever is here at the "Funny Farm" All animals still doing well. Whitman our chocolate pygmy goat escape his pen today.. of course it was when I was preparing dinner. My house alarms (5 dogs) went off to let me know something was not right outside. I looked out the sliding glass door and Whitman was happily munching on the apple tree.. He is not to tall so he just had a couple of the lower branches. I changed from slippers to outdoor shoes.. grabbed a couple.. stlale tortillas ( he is easily enticed with cookies, bread, chips..etc. grabbed one of the dog leashes and headed for the yard.


Mindy our Aussie mix likes to help herd.. but she wanted him to go back to his pen.. and I on the other hand decided to tie him up, until John got home. If he got out of his pen once.. well he would do it again, until we find the escape "hatch" he is too short to jump the fence, sometimes he will find a spot to get under it..


I convinced Mindy we were going in the opposite direction and not towards the pen. Not without a few looks from her ..like I was "goofy" and going the wrong way. Got him tied up to a spot that was safe and had bushes to munch on until John got home. then back inside to finish preparing dinner.


Fall hit here Quickly .. Wet and Windy I think. Winter temps are supposed to be more in the normal range (we had a cold/snowy winter last yr.) But more normal temps .. with Rain.. well yes this is the Pacific NW.. and we are in a "convergance zone" We have had the heat on quite a few times, especially evenings.


The rains the last week have been quite heavy and several down pours with some thunder and lightening. We don't get much thunder and lightening here normally.


John's "out front" counter employee had 4 days off.. Thursday, Friday and then Mond and Tuesday. I went in the 4 days (definately did not make it for the whole shift) By Tuesday at noon, I was ready to lay down on the floor and curl up. As soon as the John and our Tech got back from service calls.. John took a look at me and said GO HOME ... and be careful driving. call me when you get home. LOL .... He said dont worry about making dinner.. I will fix a sandwich. I had a frozen..ready made Lasagna in the freezer so i did put it in the oven.


The day I came home from ER , he had to do his outside chores, and then the inside ones.. ( I was still pretty spacey from 100mg of Benadryl and 40 mg of prednisone) so he had to feed the dogs, cat and fix us something to eat.. etc.


He said WOW, I didn't realize all the little things you do around here. LOL.


Things are back to Normal and Jan is back from her trip.. It did take me several days to ... recoup from trying to fill in for her...now it's back to trying to catch up on things at home. Well trying to fill in when Jan has a little time off ... does convince me I am no longer able to be .. gainfully employed. I have good days, and think I can go back to work..Then I go to the "shop" and realize after 2 hours.. I am beat, mentally and physically. There is No way I could put in a full work day, or even 4 hours a day 5 days a week.


This has been one of the more difficult aspects.. to grasp and accept.. I have worked and taken care of the house... for many many years (raising a daughter and activities, etc)... it is hard to accept slowing down.. and to accept that this is the way it will be.


I guess every once in awhile I need a "Reality Check"


Rambling enough.. going to bed............ :)


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You forgot to add to all your other "duties" which you do here each and every day. I know, for me as well, it was hard to accept that medical retirement will continue. As much as I would like to come out of retirement, I understand that I'm not ready nor would an employer be ready for me. Employers do not generally permit "nap-time" :rolleyes: .


Glad you're feeling all better. The Stockman Zoo definitely keeps you occupied - your 4-legged children. Whitman sounds like a trip. I get those "looks" from Crystal as well when I'm doing something that doesn't meet with her approval.

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I am so glad you wrote about how tired you get when you work. When I was helping my friend while staying w/her back in July, I was nonplussed about how tired I got. I tried putting in 4 hour days and that really took it out of me. I went home and went right to sleep everyday. It was fun but I'm wondering when I will start to feel strong enough. As I keep exercising, I keep telling myself I have improved in my strength but who'da thought this much energy would be taken away? I figure the only answer is to keep plugging away at exercising.


I know no employer would hire me after having a stroke so I am hoping to start my own business sometime late next year in training dogs. Now, why do I have to choose something so strenuous???!!??? But its the only thing I want to do. Take Care. LK

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bonnie, you are one busy lady post stroke. my hat goes off to you. i to do not like to accept my retirement, but i tried going back to my job and my bosses were very accommodating but i just couldn't do it. my damaged brain wouldn't let me do what i needed to do. now just cleaning up the kitchen exhausts me. so i understand how you feel. we just have to accept our life now and do the best we can, regardless how big or small the task is and be happy with ourselves that we did it. you already accomplish alot more than most strokees can do. now sit down in your new chair and relax for awhile. i'm happy the zoo is doing well too.

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