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Today was NOT my day, I should have crawled under the covers. LOL


We think there is a mouse.. or mouse family under our house. I definately saw one of the little critters in my car engine. Molly one of my 3 minature pinschers, was laying at staring at the wheel well and would run to the other side of the car.


Min Pins were actually used in homes to catch mice, and rats in Germany. She is a real hunter. Her dad will spnd hours digging a hole if he smells a mouse.


Well I don't like to use mouse Poison, because I am afraid if the mouse comes out.. and dies, they might try to chew on it. and get the posion from the mouse. I put a mouse trap with peanut butter in my engine.. on a flat spot. I went out the next morning and the trap was sprun.. all the peanut butter gone... and no sign of a mouse.


Molly and alyese have been running around and staring and digging at various spots of the bottom of the house. We have a double wide manfactured home, with cedar shake "skirting" Well I found Glue traps... John said tie a string, and he would stick them under the house in the crawl space.. we have a cement slab. I un wrapped the glue traps this am, made a hole on the side plastic lip and threaded a long piece of yarn thru them.. I thought I would be helpful. so i opened the crawl space door, and crawled in about 8 inches, shoved the traps, and laid the yarn along the cement so you could reach in and grab it.


I told him what I did.. he said what did you tie the string to. I looked a bit puzzled.. he said well if it gets on the trap , it could run to the other end. i said well its feet will be stuck.. he said what if only 2 feet get stuck? Hmmmm, hadn't thought of that scxenario.


I said well it says it has anesthetic in it to Knock the mouse out. I came back from town around 3pm... opened the crawl space door, before i let the dogs out... Ok traps still where i put them, peanut butter on them and NO mouse or mice.


so I got the end of yarn and tied it to a piece of wood.. Saved on that one.. not having to crawl 70 feet to the other end of the house...


Thursday is John's late night.. our bookkeeper comes in at 4pm and he stays to go over books, etc with her. It is starting to get dark earlier, so I went out to put the ducks and goose in thir house. (to keep them safe from coyotes) it is a little way behind the house and over a little wooden bridge over the small creek. It is kind of slippery in the wet grass and wood bridge so I have a walking stick. Mindy our Aussie/Border Collie helps to herd the ducks to their house our toy fox terrier goes on this "jaunt" also

Ok everyone in safe and sound, close and latch the door.


John has moved the goats to the back as the grass and bushes are plentiful for them to munch. I hear Yetta our Nubian... bawling. I say Hi to her, and then realized she is tangled around a small tree. It is starting to get a little darker, but I still have enough light to see to untangle her. She is usally pretty docile, but she decided to play.. or else was mad because she was tangled. I unhooked her, but had a hand on her collar. She was REALLY tangled, and decided i was taking to long, so she gave me a nudge. I thought well ok, i will unhook the other end, and untangle her. i was working on the clasp and she came up and pinned me against the tree.


I pushed her.. which is not a good thing with a goat.. it means play ... and push. so i wnet around to the other side. i was working on getting the tie out cable un wound from the tree, when BAM. she knocked me flat off my feet,.. I hit the ground pretty hard, as i was not expecting this.. and i think my hand scrapped the tree bark or ??? The ground is kind of slick.. not quite a frost, but it had rained earlier, and was slick. I hate landing the way I did as I really feel like a turtle on it's back. I got turned over so i could get my good leg under me.. and get up. Being on aspirin.. well i bleed pretty easy, and by then it was getting darker.. so I left her, and headed for the house with blood running down my hand. When she knocked me down I hollered. Mindy came over and got between Yetta and me, and Alyese came over to make sure I was ok.. (she is a 10lb toy fox terrier) lol . just about the time i got in the house John pulled in the drive way. He helped me get my handed cleaned up.. and it is just small chunks of meat taken off .. in about 5 spots. He went out and got her all untangled. I should have just un clipped her. and let her roam a bit well i took care of her tie out lead. I don;t know why I didn't.. i didnt want her to wander off, but no where reallly for her to go.. I just would have had to walk her back to tie her up.


I think i left the working half of my brain in bed this am.... I kept setting things down today.. and 5 minutes later couldn't find them.


I think for the next 3 days.. I will hibernate.LOL well after a drive to Seattle with John tomorrow. If I go with him he can use the HOV or commuter lanes which move much faster than the regular lanes.


Hoping for the rest of my brain to find it;s way home while I sleep tonight.. well at least some of it..


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Bonnie, I think it is not the stroke but "busy mind syndrome" that you are suffering from! All women have it, it is what allows us to multitask, we have a list of jobs running through our mind and we can go from one to another without pausing. Unfortunately this also results in muddled thinking sometimes.


With a hog-tied goat, the slippery, rain-washed pasture and the dark coming on no wonder you were pressed to get the job done. The goat butting you over is another story and I guess you may have to leave it where it is until John gets home next time it happens. I've had run-ins with goats as an old nieighbour used to have a few and I always used to come out second best!


Good luck with catching your family of mice, not an easy pest to get rid of by any means.



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Oh Bonnie,


Glad you were not seriously injured. You definitely had a busy day, and my woes did not help. But all is better for both of us and we can look forward to better and brighter days. Now that I can get to the basement of the house, I've discovered some potential problem areas the "critters" can get in. Crystal has never been up close and personal with a "critter" so I'm not sure what her reaction will be.


That's one smart mouse to take the peanut butter and not get caught - wonder if it's related to Micky lol.


Please do take it easy for a few days. Hopefully Yetta will not get tangled up again in the near future.

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bonnie, bless your heart, i'm happy you are ok though except for your hand. those critters of yours can be a handful at times,huh. no pun intended,lol i bet yetta was having a good laugh too. take care now and be careful. good thing the dogs were with you. i think you need a few snakes around to help with the mice problem,lol

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Sorry about your boo-boos, Bonnie. Hope they're feeling better when you read this.


Put the peanut butter on a piece of dog biscuit and tie it on to trap thingie. I almost guarantee you success. They can't get the pb with the cracker and when they try, it's bye-bye time.


Try it, it may work.



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Hi thanks everyone... My hand is sore.. but all is well. I used a TOM CAT glue trap.. I caught 3 mice, 2 on one and 1 on the other. It has some kind of anesthetic in the glue. so the mice go to sleep. I am really not cruel and Hate having to trap or kill them.. if the would just stay in the woods, stumps, even the wood shed out back, but the house and my car are.. just not options. I have decided ... goat un tangeling is best left for John.. or I will un hook her and she can roam around a bit until she is untangled. John moved them.. so less to get tangled on.. but if there is something... she will find it.

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