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Day Light Saving Time & Mice



Well I am recuperating from my "goat encounter" Last night I soaked my hand in Epsom salts... for about an hour after I was wondering why I had soaked it. ... Today it is better. and i used a rubber glove for part of the dishes, and cleaning the kitchen after dinner.


I knew they had changed the date of Day Light Saving Time, but haven't heard when. Well it is the first Sunday in November which is Nov 4th this year.


I really dislike setting the clocks back.... it will be dark SOOO early.


Well Friday I checked the mice traps, had 3.. they looked liked they had just gone to sleep.. so i don't feel quite so guilty about this. You h ave no idea how hard it is for me. But the little stinkers.. will not move out. I have triend cinnamon and bounce sheets.


They are not taking the eviction notice. I do NOT want mice in my house or car engine. so as long as they dont look like they are in pain.. one almost looked like he went to sleep with a little smile..


So we put more traps out today.. as Molly and Alyese are still running around looking under the house.. well they cant get to it, because of the bottom ...


And No thanks Kim.. I don't want any snakes. we only have garter snakes here.. lol and those r just fine.











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Thanks for the daylight saving time Bonnie, chat was almost late on Tuesday night as we put our clocks forward this Sunday so there is one extra hours difference this week, two hours next week. I'm ON it...lol.


We had a mouse plague years ago, like you I hated killing them but did so anyway, self-preservation in our case, they did so much damage. So I killed as many as wanted to come into the house to reach the trap.


Glad the goat encounter did not leave you with permanent scars, we need you well and happy to be our friend and guide here.



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Bonnie - glad you're healing from the goat encounter (a take off from science fiction perhaps? lol) I had to chuckle when I read the one little mouse looked like he was smiling. I don't think I would've been checking out his furry little face to see the expression :blink: lol. I agree with you about the snakes - I don't do them well either :nuhuh: I think you've hit on a good way though to rid yourself of the little varmints. I feel sorry for all the outdoor critters BUT that doesn't mean I want to share my home with them.


It seems hard to believe that daylight savings time goes into affect this coming weekend. Since I haven't had to do it for 13 years, will take some time to adjust to it. But like everything else, we will :laughbounce:

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Guest lwisman




You live the country and there are more critters around than in suburbs and cities. Your blog made me laugh as I remember visiting my parents years ago now. They also lived in the country. My Mother was complaining about the mice. I pointed out she lived in the corner of a corn field.


But, I know you enjoy many things about your property. The good news is that soon it will be colder and they will disappear. Fall is the worse time of year for mice. :D

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