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Yeah Friday



Well I am glad it's almost Friday..(ok it is back east) I think we may be hunting for a dishwasher.. ours decided to "die" on Tuesday night. at least it did it gracefully and was nice enough not to spew water all over the floor or something. I think the water pump is shot.. no water going in. So Wed. I took all the dishes out ( a couple days worth) as there are only 2 of us.. and I wash the pots and pans, and wait to run it till it's full. I decided since it wasn't getting water, that I would take it apart to see if something was clogged. We have to rinse out the filter in the washing machine hose once a year or so. We have a well and it gets mineral deposits in the little screen.


I finally found a scredriver bit to fit.. the screws are the weird ones kind of star shaped. One yea for Christmas I bought John a big set of screwdriver bits.. has all kinds. So i took out the racks, and got the screws and screens and a couple other little parts out. poked around a bit.. and one part didn't come out.. it is all stainless inside.. so I went as far as I could, after a few attempts.. at poking around, turning on.. nothing.. taking off the spray arms, making sure they werent clogged, running a thin piece of coated wire into various.. little holes, shutting door, turning on.. same hum.. no water.. I put all the little parts and screws in a baggy and gave up.


John said don't try to pull it out from under the counter.. and it was a "pretty firm order" and I didn't want to scratch the floor. We put the floor in this last Spring and I love it. so thought I shouldn't try this on my own.. (lol) sometimes I listen.


I washed and dryed the dishes and put them all away. After dinner, John looked at it, and pulled it out from under the counter, disconnected hoses, etc.. checked and flushed things out.. hum.. no water.


Mindy our 3/4 Australian Shephard/1/4 Border Collie has low thyroid. she is on synthetic thyroid 1 pill 2 times a day (so I not only have to remember to take my pills, but to give her, her meds. She was quite over weight, low energy etc. We have had her on a diet since the meds she is much perkier and running and much happier. Today was her check up. she has lost 8 lbs.. she had a blood draw (we will find out Friday or Saturday ) to make sure her thyroid level is right on the medication dose. and she got her rabies shot. She was Such a good girl for the vet and Techs.


Sunday is our youngest grandchilds birthday.. Connor will turn 5. So it is Birthday Party time. May take the easy way out and get him a gift card.. or a quick call to Mom to find out what is on his wish list. Last year several of us pitched in and got him an battery (rechargeable) quad.


Monday my daughter will be over from Eastern Washington.. she has a Dr's appointment, so she will spend the night :)


Bill my 14 yr old grandson had his last football game tonight.. He got another sack, and helped his team get 2 touchdowns. They won 27 - 14. Last game he also got a sack and several tackles.


OH and Saturday night... TURN THE CLOCKS BACK.




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Sorry to hear about the dishwasher "biting the dust". Hopefully it can be fixed - if not, may it rest in peace.


Sounds like Mindy is doing good now - hope her blood work comes back satisfactory.


Have a great weekend!!!

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Guest lwisman


Wow Bonnie,


I commend you (and John) for trying. Since my stroke I don't even try to fix mechanical stuff. Before my stroke I always did and sometimes won. My brain can't deal with it any more. Another thing on my list of things I don't do. :D


On the bright side a new dishwasher will probably be more energy efficient and may even get the dishes cleaner.

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you amaze me no end, pre or post stroke I never even try to fix any appliances or household things and even discourage him, so we depend on our PSE&G worryfree contract, the come and fix things, or else you end up buying energy efficent new appliances.




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bonnie, we are alot alike, prestroke i was always trying to fix things when they broke as hubby was to busy and not that mechanically inclined. i did alot of mt car repairs the ones i could do safely. i grew up watching my dad fix things all the time on a farm. i too had to replace my dishwasher a few months ago. our water here is terrible very hard water and when the hose came off the old one it was full of sediment. yuk. sounds like the motor may be shot on yours. we got a new one from sears fairly cheap and its great so far. if you go to sears online they will explain about tips on dishwashers, maybe you could find some answers there. i hope mindy's bloodwork is good also. the grandkids make you proud i can tell. have a great visit with your daughter and a great weekend.

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