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Well we did go into town.. Stopped at the local appliance store.... they actually repair things there too. So Monday John is going to take the dishwasher in. We bough it used, but it is fairly new and a BOSCH it is very quiet and does a good job, so if we can get it fixed I would rather fix it. It is all stainless inside, being on a well the other would get discolored from the well water.

Dishwashers range from 269.00 to over $1,000.00 It is Fun looking at the Fancy kitchens and appliances... one can always dream.


Thanks Kim for the hints. I did go on line and look at dishwashers, we stopped at Sears and I did find one I like so if this is one is not repairable I think we will go with that one.. The appliance store has one that is pretty nice for about the same price as Sears.

The one at Sears has the stainless steel door and one at appliance place is white..


We got Connor's birthday present.. Got him a remote controlled Hummer... and a john dere shirt that says "There is Never Enough Dirt".


I picked up a couple little things for Christmas, and found some things to keep in mind.


The vet called yesterday and we are to give Mindy 1/2 a pill 2 times a day, instead of one pill 2 times a day. Then she goes back in 30 days for a re check.


It is a chilly drizzly day.. so was a good day to go to town. We stopped and had lunch.


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Glad to hear the shopping expedition was fruitful and included lunch for you and John. Hope your dishwasher is fixable as it seems it went well with your well water. Though sometimes the repairs are more expensive or close to being as expensive as a brand new one. And...with a new one, you can get a warranty.


That's great news about Mindy. I'm sure your grandson will love his remote Hummer (wait till the day he wants a REAL Hummer lol).

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Bonnie, I like it when people blog about a normal day, it is like a telephone call from a friend saying "we did this, we did that".


You and I are alike, we shop with an eye to the future. We look around, see if something can be fixed and if not at least we have an idea of what to do next.


We've done some pre-Christmas looking too. A couple of November and December birthdays and then it is Christmas. Those days will just fly by.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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