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Teddy and the big dog



I took Teddy out for his normal mid-afternoon walk. He was ready to go (as always). Just after we got on the sidewalk in front of the building a woman walking her retriever sort of snuck up behind me, Teddy saw the dog before I did and went charging after the dog, barking and growling. :fighter: Since I was caught off guard I was not ready and Teddy almost pulled me off the curb. :yikes: I manged to grab hold of the leash just in time, and managed to get the Little Terrorist under control :Doh: I guess Teddy had never seen that dog before, and also he is very protective of me. That is something I like about Teddy (one of many), is that he has always been a small dog that thinks he is a big dog. :lol:

One time when he was in Arkansas, he was ready to take on a coyote. When I took him out for his noontime lunch he peed a little and was ready to go back in. As it turned out he had not gotten his lunchtime treat from his Aunt Kim or Aunt Nora, once he got his treat he was ready to go back outside and finish his business. When it was time to go back in he was one happy little dog.


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your Teddy's antics reminds me of my kid's childhood friend who was 4 at the time and would challenge big kids in the park, luckily we were there to make sure nothing bad would happen.


ur Teddy thinking he is big dog even though he is small brought smile to my face.


Teddy does keep your life quite entertained.




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doug, i do understand the small dog terrorist theory. i have a small breed also and i think they know no fear. thank goodness you got teddy under control so you didn't fall and injure yourself. they are very protective of their masters, inside and outside. so beware on future walks that no one sneaks up on you again.

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