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Another Story



Its coming to a end, summer. Patio furniture gets stored away.house is winteriized,and you hope your cutting grass for last time. O well! Being the sport fisherman I was before stroke, night spring fishing was me. Now that Fall is approaching it will make way for winter. Winter alli though about was sitting on the muddy banks at night fishing for bullhead and keeping warm by the fire i built while sucking on an unlite cigar. the biggest bullhead I caught was 2.1 and lost a 4 pounder.



How Big Was It?





AAAAH! Spring! When the warm air melts the snow and new life sprouts up, driving my Ford truck on a very bright and cold winter morning, the extremely bright sun that radiated through the truck windshield to warm me up like a toasted bun, forced me to turn down the truck heat.




In thinking about a story to tell to an audience of fishermen standing around a wood stove sipping coffee, Jon had slid to a halt for a traffic light. Looking out the truck window, Jon studied some flashing cop car lights. The Police car was stopped along side of the road and the cop was examining what appeared to be a bullhead lying on the side of the road. Apparently it must have fell out of somebody


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