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nothing new

lady k


tomorrow my sister is coming to visit, they will just be here for a few hours, we haven't seen each other since mom 's funeral, about a year before my stroke.nothing has happened lately, Kat is learning the routine. she still rattles the closet doors so i will get up and see what the noise is, then sits there hoping i will open the door so she can go in and check things out, otherwise she finds a place close and takes a snooze.


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Hi there,


Glad to hear all is well. Hope you have a good visit with your sister, although it's short. Glad to hear kitty doing well too doing what cats are known for - trying to get in closed doors. Crystal has a fit when doors are closed LOL. She's known to pull open bathroom door if not closed all the way.

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Glad all is going well, hope you have a nice visit with your sister.My dogs and cat are ok with closet doors.. but don't like other doors closed..lol, will stick paws under, sit outside and whine as if abandoned, rattle doors.. etc..

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Hey Lady K--Cats are curious, aren't they? I volunteer at the local SPCA and someone came in the other day wanting to adopt a cat. He said he wanted something to come home to that would pay him some attention. He said he had two cats and they never paid him any attention. I told him he wanted a dog. A cat owns you; you own the dog. The dog will give you a million dollar welcome everytime you come home; a cat will ask what's for dinner, as they pass by you on their way to the litter box. Take Care. LK
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