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2nd Entry - My Mother's Hemorrhagic Stroke



It has been over a year since I have written and over three years since my Mother's brain bleed - hemorrhagic stroke. Thank everyone who commented on my first entry. I am sorry I did not to get to comment to each response.


I have been doing the exercises daily with my Mother. She seems very alert and tries to move all of the time. It isn't much. Her head seems to stick to the left side a lot of the time. Her back seems twisted a bit, I reckon that is because of her head and neck. Her eyes seem to stay mostly to the right, but at times they look to focus normally. Her right leg is very rigid and will hardly bend, but recently it has gotten a bit more bend to it. Her right foot seems to be a small bit contracted. My Mother can wiggle her toes in both feet, more in the left than the right. She can also shrug her shoulders - more on the left than on the right. At times she can wiggle her back and bottom a bit.


My Mother hasn't said one word in the three years since her strok. She doesn't smile. She raises her eyelids which shows me some expression. She can focus a great bit - looks at me and others when we speak to her. I communicate with her by asking her to wiggle her toes, move her feet, shrug her shoulders, blink her eyes - just anything I can do or try to have her to do. She has lately even tried to sit up. She can get her shoulders off the bed about one fourth of an inch. I know it isn't much, but is a wonder to see.


My Mother goes for an Intrathecal Baclofen Pump test on Tuesday, 25 September 2007. I am just praying it helps her. When I took her to her semi-annual appointment with her nuerologist, he recommended that she might be a candidate for it. I know she would like even a little bit more movement. If anyone is using the pump, will you please let me kow how it has helped you. I have read so many stories of how it has helped others, that I am just dreaming of ways it will help my Mom. I believe it is okay to dream. It gives me wonderful feelings. Even if they don't come true.


I won't ever give up on my Mother. The brain does some wonderous things and GOD is behind it all, so I know she can still come out of this. I do often think that maybe I am not saying the right prayer. So, if anyone has any suggestions for me on praying, I would appreciate that as well.


Thanks again for the support I get from each of you. Reading stories and hearing about others helps me tremendously.


Thank you more than words can say,







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I wish your Mom well with the pump. Keep praying and continue your faith. All is in God's time. Recovery does not stop although it seems to slow down to a snail's pace. I am 2 1/2 years post and still have improvements though not yet functional ones. I have progressed farther than docs ever said I would from a massive ischemic stroke.

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hey DeAnn:


after long time you came and updated us, I still think your mother is lucky to have you, and I am sure baclofen pump will help her, sometimes due to tone(or tightness) you can even bend your knee, and if these pump can help relax the tone, there could be some functional returns. Don't give up on her, things will change, keep the faith.




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What a wonderful daughter and caregiver you are. Child, don't eve think you are saying the wrong prayer. God listens to your words and knows your feelings. Don't ever doubt yourself or feel guilty you are not doing enough. What you do is out of love. You are doing the best you know how for your Mom.


You wrote that she focuses on you all when you communicate w/ her. That tells me she knows what is going on. That's a tremendous thing in your favor. Keep doing what the dr. says and try everything you can think of. When I took care of my mother, I worked her hard. As my mother knew what I did was out of love, so, too does your Mom. You are a lovely person.


Improvements can be made years after stroke or brain injury. Take Care. LK

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