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Happy Monday



Morning, it's raining and dreary here in Michigan, makes you want to just stay in bed with a good book and cuddle up. Dave and I had a great weekend, puttering around getting a few things done outside before the "winter" still lots more though to do, none of my flower pots are away, pool is still open, oh well it'll all get done. Friends seemed to have been coming and going alllllllll weekend, it's funny they always seem to come at meal time, it's good for Dave to have people around, keeps his mind going, even though he tends to tell certain stories repeatedly :head_hurts: I was out back on Sat morning going to vaccuum the pool, Dave was going up for his morning siesta... as I walked out there was a HUGE GIGANTIC woodchuck standing by the pool, it took off quickly enough but he decided to take up residence under the deck of the pool... well the old farmer in me decided that, this is very dangerous, those woodchucks are vicious animals.... so I got the varmit pea sh ooter and fired some shots in the air... he left quickly... I've been watching since then and been very careful when around the pool just in case it comes back, I'm getting today a live trap today from Dave's ex wife, i don't want to kill it. Guillaume and Soleil our yokie poos... decided to find some woodchuck poop and roll in it...... OH MY LORD, talk about stinkoooooo, :head_hurts: Soleil didn't understand her mama (me) getting upset at her, she thought that she smelt divine.... I hurt her feeling when I carried her upstair and bathed her and her brother, and showered myself. But they had fun the rest of the weekend running after chipmunks and leaves so I was forgiven.

Dave stayed at home this morning, the painters are there touching up some stuff. We had a "flood" of storts in March of this year when the washing machine hose broke and of course its on the top floor so the water traveled down the hall, and down the walls into the main floor and into the basement... what a mess, but Thank God for insurance, and the contractor that we had that handled everything for us, what a blessing he was... they were/are wonderful, it's taken a long while to get finished but i think today it will be ALL done :Clap-Hands: . It was all a blessing in the long run I guess, the carpet had to be replaced on both floors, all new paint, etc etc.... but it was fun trying to maneuver Dave around all the chaos for a while... makes me laugh thinking about it... NOw I told him it's time to sell the house it way to big for us. We have talked that when it sells I think we might spend time in Canada 6months per year.. I am originally Canadian and I do miss "home" sometimes. WE'll see what happens.

I know we were only at VA last week, but I am already getting anxious and watching the mail... need to pray for more patience or i'll drive myself crazy :bouncing_off_wall:

Better get something done around here. I hope everyone had a productive and serene weekend.

Hugs Anne


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glad you had great weekend, isn't it wonderful to have home insurance, in ou old house that's how our remodeling of the house had begun before we decided it to sell and move into bigger house.


I love to spend time with friends and family on the weekend.




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I hope your woodchuck doesn't decide to take a drink and plop into the pool. When I was growing up we had a pool. It was part of my chores to clean the pool - many times I was plucking out the critters that got in but couldn't get back out.


Glad you guys had a good weekend, even though the "children" got stinky - yucky.

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Oh yes, I am constantly skimming out mice, voles, frogs, salamanders and even a SNAKE this year :head_hurts: , if the/a woodchuck gets in there I guess I'll have to get a bigger skimmer net to fish him out too. lol

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