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One more try



As many of you know I am having serious trouble with my parents. Actually the root of the problem is my brother and his down right narcissism. I have tried all I could think of, but nothing has worked. To my parents; as the British some times like to say they think the sun shines out of his butt. He is the golden boy to the whole family and they just cannot accept he is an arrogant self absorbed jerk. My niece sent me an e-mail showing pictures of her two children. I got one from her yesterday and there was my arrogant brother, with a s#$ eating grin on his fat face. I decided the boy is going down. Pride always comes before a fall, and he has set himself up for that.

I am going to receive counseling from a professional counselor to talk about my problems. Hopefully she will be able to convince my parents his true nature. Please pray for my success.

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hey Doug:


I don't know the whole story about you and your brother, why does it bother you if he is mor favorite of your parents even if he does not deserve it is there sibling rivalry comes to play here.






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