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Teddy's first road trip



Teddy has always enjoyed riding in the car, what dog doesn't. Anyway in late May 1999 I took him to Arkansas. It was about 1,000 miles each way. It really didn't start out very good. We had just gotten a few miles outside Denver on I-70 Teddy got car sick and threw up :puke: He soon recovered and had no more problems. He refused to sit in the back seat so he rode in the front with me. Most of the time he would sleep, but he would occasionally want to come over by me and even try to look out my window. Basically, standing on my lap. It was uncomfortable and probably dangerous, but he enjoyed it.

We made a pit stop at a rest area, just outside of Russell Kansas. There we had a rather poignant moment. I saw a woman walking her dog. About all I could tell was that it was a rather old dog. I soon realized her dog was also a rat terrier. The woman told me her dog was 12 years old and wanted to see Teddy. As she looked in the window at Teddy it must have been very melancholy for her. Her dog being so old and Teddy still a puppy. I just hope she left remembering how her little dog once was and didn't make her sad. :sadangel:.

The next day we went through Oklahoma City, That was only a couple of weeks after the F-5 tornado went through there. I was surprised to see how much damage was still visible. By the time it had gotten to this part of the city (near Tinkler AFB), it had weakened to an F-4 (like that makes much difference). I saw damage to a car dealership, a motel and what really made the biggest impression on me was the stump of what was once an old and very big tree: the rest was just gone. I generally find tornadoes fascinating, but this one was just beyond my comprehension. It must have been terrifying.

We finally got to Arkansas and Teddy got to meet my parents. He was shy at first, but it didn't take him long to feel at home. At that time Teddy liked to sit in the recliner with me but he always had to be on my right side. I have 2 pictures of Teddy sitting with my dad. One picture Teddy was laying on my dad's right side, and the other Teddy was on his left.

There was a very different reaction on my dad's face and Teddy's face it each position. Teddy just wasn't happy on my dad's left side, and my dad looked a little surprised. I did finally get a picture of Teddy and my dad with both of them asleep on the recliner (Teddy finally had taught my dad his first trick). Teddy really liked my Aunt Helen and they hit it off right away. Even when my parents were keeping Teddy while I was too ill to keep him, he liked my Aunt Helen the most. :buddies:

All in all it was a good trip. Teddy had fun except when I stopped for gas, he would pull a fit until I got back in the car.

Also, I starting stopping at rest areas for Teddy to take care of his business. Before I was blessed with the little big man I would almost never stop for anything.

When we finally got home, I stopped by my mailbox to get my mail, Teddy recognized the mailbox and was happy to be back home too.

May 1999 seems like a far and distance place and time. And really it was.


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