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Terrified puppy



About 9:30 this morning I heard a big ruckus outside with all the neighborhood dogs, including Teddy. I looked out the patio door and there was a poor Chihuahua puppy lost and very scared, especially with all these dogs barking at him. Luckily, all of the dogs were behind fences, but he kept running around looking for help. I could not do anything because there isn't a sidewalk I could use to rescue him. At one point he tried to stand on his hind legs and get into my patio. Teddy was out on the patio barking too, but when the little dog tried to get to our patio, Teddy was very empathetic to him, he didn't growl or anything. Finally the poor little dog found his way out of the back area of where I live. I sure hope he made it home ok.


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