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Old People on the Move, Shouting and Trash Talking...





We've been busy this past week with a renewed push on Don's stroke recovery and with getting me, as his caregiver, some more 'me time.' I've been a blogging machine this week and you can check out my latest entries at: http://fromtheplanetaphasia.blogspot.com/ or you can click on any of the individual blog entries listed below that might interest you.






Old People on the Move

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Jean I read your three entries and I'm glad they all have the authentic "Jean" sound. It is good you can be so funny and yet so honest in what you wite.


I too have times when I have to come home to save Ray's dignity, I do carry spare clothing but sometimes a shower as well is needed.


You rightly get annoyed when the stroke is blamed for things that are attributable to other circumstances, I do too. It shows ignorance on the part of a medical professional who probably needs to educate themselves more.


Ah! that wonderful chlorine perfume, I remember it from our times in the heated pool, it hangs with you shower after shower. I wish they made the more expensive brands do that too.


Keep on blogging.



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