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AFO - New Kind on Order





This afternoon Don got casted for a new AFO. When we told Don's PT this morning where we were going to get the AFO made he got puffed-up impressed and told us that the man who owns the place is known world-wide for............. Click here to read about how this new AFO differs from others on the market and about Don accomplishment in PT.






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hey Jean:


you and Don are lucky after 7-1/2 years still finding doctors and thrapist who still has hopes and suggest therapy has to be good. that AFO looks interesting, hopefully it will help Don walk.




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I'm probably on the tail end of the blog about Don's AFO, but is he about to start PT and get out the chair? Fill me in please! That's great he's doing great in PT.

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Thanks Asha, Lin and Fred for the comments.


Yes, Fred, Don has started aquatic and physical therapy. You can find blog entries about them here in Strokenet's blog a few entries back and at my main blog that I keep at Bloggers: http://fromtheplanetaphasia.blogspot.com/ Tomorrow will be his 6th therapy session and his 2nd in the pool. He'd have had more in the pool but he cut himself pretty bad and had to wait for that to heal. He also has a brand new wheelchair coming this week which I'll blog about when it comes. His current PT guy thinks Don will walk when he gets the help of the new AFO, custom chair, and therapies but that guy is leaving the center and I hope the next PT we get is as open to the idea walking as he is. The first one we had before this one didn't set the goal for Don any where near as high and the original doctor's order was just to get Don stronger on transfers, so I don't know where this all will end. All I know is we're going to ride the wave until we fall off from exhaustion. :D





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