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My Middle name must be Klutz



The week was moving right along until Wednesday evening. I was heading into the kitchen to take meds before bed. Instead of focusing on what I was doing, walking, I was talking to Kristi at the same time. As the house is over 100 years old, there are funky things here, like a slight downward slope going into kitchen. Also, we have to have a small throw rug in the doorway until we can get my nephew over here to deal with carpet nails sticking up. Can't have Kristi or Crystal getting hurt - Me? I'm always in shoes when I walk cos of AFO.

Back to my tale.....I was stepping into kitchen...not focusing completely....I lost my balance on the slope plus got caught up in the throw carpet. I promptly went "skating" across the kitchen floor and slammed into the counter - ouch!! That smarted. Kristi came running into the kitchen all worried. What do I do, I stood there and laughed like a ninny. She got so mad - talk about emotional lability to the max.


I was not laughing though as I tried to go to sleep - pain had set in from the slamming I took plus I had tensed up in fear of falling. I moaned myself to sleep. Thursday was a rough day as I lived on extra-strength tylenol. For most part doing much better just having trouble with good knee paining when climbing steps and standing up after sitting.


The pain was better to handle though since the Steelers whooped Seattle 21-0 (sorry Bonnie) .


My dearest child walked to the library for us yesterday - she brought me home Danielle Steele's Sisters. Dynamite!!!! On the way home she stopped at Subway as well. Yummy - haven't had Subway in looonnng time. Kristi was working at making me feel better. I've been bummed - you guessed it...AZ once again. Kristi was told by her grandmother that we're a burden on Joe. That he's got enough to deal with his kids and friends and now he has us as well. I sent him an email but have not gotten a response. Perhaps she's right this time and not twisting words around like she's done before. Time will tell.




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donna, i'm so sorry about your fall, that had to hurt. get rid of the throw rug before you kill yourself. yes we have to pay attention when we walk. i can only focus on 1 thing at a time now, damn stroke. at least you got a book and subway out of the mishap. your mom is just trying to start trouble. i don't think your brother would have wanted you and kiddo out there if he didn't want to help and watch out for you. mom is just trying to make you feel bad and cause probs between you and your brother, don't you let her win. ignore her and her comments, shes mad you left her and took her grandaughter/slave from her. blow her off. stay safe now, now i have you to worry about!

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Never mind the Subway sandwich or Danielle Steel's book (It was good) the Steelers won!!!!!!!!!! and the Dolphins also continued with their trend! LOL!

(Be sure to read Bungalow 2 and coming out at the end of month Amazing Grace)


Sorry about your accident. We forget that we must constantly think of what we're doing first. I did the same thing and "suffered" with my good leg getting twisted. With me, I fell down some steps coming down a set of steep stairs and forgot they have 2 strange cement steps outside the door. Remember to think about your safety first and then when safely seated, think about other things.


As for your mother, she is very cruel. You are not a burden to your brother. What would she want you to do if the tables had been reversed. Just close your ears to her - it can go in , but then it should get lost. Kristi has to learn the same thing. She is really an evil woman. Poor thing, things are so bad with her that she has to stir up trouble where there isn't any.



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Congrats on th e Steelers WIN... Was thinking of you as I was "sobbing in my cream soda" But one had to win and one lose.. At least we won our game last week.Maybe you can put some carpet tacks in the corner of the throw rug. I jusy got 2 new ones (inexpensive) because the one we had in a spot the backing would no longer grip,, and I had slid on it a few times. I try to make sure the throw rug has a "rubber back" on it.. when i wash them I hand them outside to dry.. My "klutziness" is with the darn vacuum cleaner cord. I swear it is alive and ends wrapped up around my left foot and leg. Your mom is trying to make you feel guilty again.. And also probably jealous as you are there with not only your brother but other family members also. She is going to find a spot and keep jabbing. Look how much Joe did to get you all there.. He certainly wouldn't have done that if he didn't want you. And the other family surprising you with having the house ready.. that was love. ... Real Love. I think your mom doesn't like herself very much.. and she has to pick on others .... Hold your head high. And when mom calls lay the phone on the table and once in awhile pick it up and say uh huh.. well need to go to the bathroom so have a good day, thanks for calling, bye

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Hey Donna. Glad you were not hurt, watch those falls though.


Reading is great for the brain so find lots of good books to see you through winter.


I watched car racing with Trev last Sunday as he loves car racing and I can tolerate it...lol.


I agree with the others, ignore Mum, too bad she can't find nicer things to say about you and your brother.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.


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Well, heard from my Brother-dearest in response to the email I sent him. He said we're NOT an added burden just sometimes he's running in circles. So.....a certain somebody is just causing more sh** for us. I'll ignore her and hopefully Kristi will as well. Kristi was buggin me to do my weekly "duty" and call her - I refused.


I'll just read my books and work at staying calm AND uninjured :thumbup:

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Guest lwisman


Hope ALL your wounds heal. You and everyone else are dong the best they can. Take care.

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Ouchie Donna! So glad your boo-boos' weren't major. Now come on, you were really trying to copy a football move made by your beloved Steelers..LOL! One of my therapist told me that throw rugs and people with balance issues are not a good mix. She said not to even risk having them unless it is a heavy duty one. I agree with the others....Ignore what your Mother says, she's obviously an unhappy person who can't stand to see others doing well. That's her issue and problem. Kristi knows better and your brother has much love for you! The Steelers winning surely took some of the pain away! You're awesome!

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Dear Donna--Can you hear me yelling????? I hope your mother can hear me all the in AZ. Don't you ever think, never let the THOUGHT enter your mind that you are a hardship on your brother....UNTIL he comes out and says that to you.


I am convinced that if you are a hardship on your brother, he would tell you. It is only his place to tell you, not your mom's, who happens to live how many thousands of miles away. How could she possibly have a thumb on the situation.


Sorry, I don't get riled very often, but this just smoked my stack. Now back to reading the rest of your blog.


BTW--I am very glad your injuries didn't amount to much. Just do be careful, Kristi is too young to have a heart attack. Take Care. LK


PS: Glad to see I was right.... :) Pls tell Kristi, she is such a good kid. But I feel there is a time when you can draw the line w/ someone who tries to make life harder for you than it need be, namely your mother. You do NOT need to make a "duty" call every week to your mother. Everytime you do, you are placing yourself in a position of allowing her to say negative lies directly into your ears. This kind of stuff creates stress, which you do not need. If you want news of your mother, ask your brother, if he communicates w/ her. He can edit the news for you and you will know she is doing well. You have the right to create the life and world in which you live; you do not need negativity. Take Care. LK

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