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I know it's just a game, but I won't stand outside and shout that in my neighborhood as I might turn into a salad as tomatoes etc get thrown at me. The Black n Gold lost today by a touchdown to the Cardinals :crying: :taz: . I kept saying we'd win - my daughter didn't not share my confidence. There are still many games to go...so we look ahead.


Anyhoo.....rest of the week was fine...my Bro has enjoyed his vacation in AZ - good weather - partying :beer: .


Slowly, I'm seeing affected body functions returning to a more "normalcy" than they were since 1-1-05. I've noticed that mostly what is talked about on the boards is with regard to physical and mental deficits, relationship issues, etc. There is also discussion regarding bladder issues but rarely bowel issues. That latter is a bodily function that has been absolutely haywire for me since the beginning. This was never an issue pre and has driven me bonkers post. I've experienced a variety of issues - which I won't delve into in great detail. TMI in all probability. I have to say though, there has been a noted return to normalcy in the recent past 2 weeks :Clap-Hands: I learned the hard way to more or less let nature take its course and the results are favorable.


Our ghostly being has been performing. In the mornings, while Kiddo is packing her lunch and eating breakfast, she hears our front door open and shut - the door and deadbolt are secure, honest. Plus, she comes downstairs in the mornings and frequently sees the dining room chairs moved away from the table. These things I just found out as dearest child forgot to tell me lol. Crystal does not weigh enough to move them plus we've got carpet throughout.


Had some issues with my internet and phone service going wacky. Turns out the installer had placed a connector box on the outside of the house as we wanted to eventually extend services to the 2nd floor. Unfortunately, there were 2 unused connectors that were permitting weather conditions (rain, wind) to mess with the service. Tech was here on Friday - I keep my fingers crossed that problems are resolved. Now, if my friendly ghost starts messing with my internet, there will be war :swordfight:


Well...that's about all to report from my part of the country. Take care...until I update again :peace:


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Awwww! Sorry your team lost...next time. The forty-niners lost too, to a team that isn't all that great as well...How Sad! I really can't say the niners are my team, I guess I am still living in the 80's.LOL! Whoever wins..wins.Wow...so your friendly ghost has been playing with you...well, at least she is harmless. Just light a candle for her every now and then. Hope your team wins next time and glad you didn't try to become a tomato target.

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Hi SORRY about the Steelers,, I thought I felt some pretty stiff breezes from the terrible towel..lol. It was a Good game though.. UGGGH I think next week Steelers play the SeaHawks.. OH OH.Glad your ghost is pretty quiet. maybe she had her dining room table and chairs arranged a bit different than yours.Take care .... glad things are getting back to normal. And actually that was one of the questions my neurologist asked me. Our senses and sight, smell, seeing etc as well as tons of stuff are controlled by our brain.. so depending on what got short-circuited with the damage.. well most anything can be affected.

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hey there donna, it was a good game, you didn't lose by much though. i bet your towel was flying everywhere though,lol. i guess your visitor is bored maybe, she's just trying to get a rise out of all you, i bet for excitement.


as far as your other problem, i am so glad you brought that up, i was to embarrassed to talk about it, for i to have the same problem and i hate it. i am constantly taking stool softeners etc to help it along since my stroke, i guess my meds are a contributing factor and not being as active as before. hopefully it will get better with time, i'm glad your problem resolved itself.


so now you know i wasn't the cause of our sewer problems,lol. it wasn't me i bet your brother had a good time here, the weather was cooler for a change

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Guest lwisman




Sorry you had problems with your computer and telephone. I find that installers often do things, but don't actually tell you what they have done. This can cause problems. Our computer router and telephone "modem" are both in my sister's office. It will be repainted and carpet pulled up and replaced by wood floor next month. I have suggested we just pick a place to move them to and get reinstalled before the room gets torn up. Problem is my sister is a bit of a control freak. However, now to work on either you have to get on the floor. And, she expects me to do it. Grr...


Regarding bladder and bowels. I also had problems early on. Usually I felt like I had to go and then did not need to. Also when I had to go I had to go. There was no waiting even five minutes. This could be a problem if not a home. This had improved over time. Does not happen often now, and usually at night.


I have often wondered if part of problem is that I had a catheter for three months. I figure not using those muscles for so long makes them lazy. :D


Interestingly, the way the medical staff knew the catheter was ready to be removed was when I told them that I was starting to have the urge to urinate.

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Ah no! And the Dolphins lost another! So don't feel so bad. Tey'll win enough to get to the playoffs and that is what counts.


Glad things are going well as far as becoming more normal.


Interesting story. Heard a kaballist speak and he really shocked me. It was exactly what happened to me and in a way what is happening to you. He said there was a group of terminal cancer patients and knowing this decided to leave it in God's hands (or whoever you believe in) and you know what? When they did, they became survivors. It's so much easier that way.........and that is the way it will end up being.


As for the ghost- well, makes life interesting. Too bad she doesn't leave some $ sometimes LOL! I mean, what can she do with it but at least, she isn't taking any of yours.



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