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Anne visits me and Teddy



:Clap-Hands: Yesterday Anne came to visit us. We had not seen her in quite a while. She had taken a cruise to Alaska, then got sick. Teddy and I were both very happy to see her and she had time to stay a little longer than usual. We are both going through personal problems. Me with my family, and she is going through a divorce after 20 years of marrage.

and her son got his girlfriend pregnant. We ended up having a lengthy conversation. I usually listen to her problems but this time I talked about some of mine. I normally don't do that. I tend to keep my problems to myself, except for here.

We ended up holding hands and praying. We both got emotional and ended up hugging and crying. I had pretty much gotten over my crying stage of stroke recovery about a year and a half. So this was the first time in a while for me.

Teddy got jealous and wanted to join us. :console:

After our prayer we talked a little more and shared a laugh. Anne's daughter has a cat that fell into the toilet I asked her if the toilet was clean. Soon it was time for her to go. Teddy got very upset. Actually he got more upset than when I leave.

She is off on another trip to Dallas today for a week. tomorrow I get to go to the VA for a new kafo fitting. Hopefully it will not take forever for them to make it, but it is one step (pun not intended) toward me walking again. I just hope I don't get another tour of the city again. :Argh:

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I am glad you have real non virtual friend with who you can share your story and cry together, and pray together. just remember tings will get better, and won't be same as today. I hope and pray your AFO fitting goes well, and you start walking soon.




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