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Back to the VA again



This morning I had my latest appointment at the VA. I overslept and just made it the bus showed up before I was ready, the driver was not amused. <_< That's life in the fast lane. I got to my appointment right on time, but the Orthotists were very busy, one of them called in sick. :yadayada: I only had to wait about an hour, but that wasn't too bad. He took me back to a room where I was given a very fasionable pair of paper boxer shorts. I felt like I was ready for the catwalk in Russia (remember the very old Wendy's commercial?). He then made a mold of my left leg while I was standing in the parallel bars. He promised he would not laugh at my pasty white chicken legs. :nuhuh:

I then changed back into my regular clothes, and off I went. I forgot to ask when my new kafo would be ready. He did ask if I wanted it in plastic or leather. I thought leather might be a little kinky so I said plastic. :oohlala:

I only got a short tour of the city on the bus ride back home. I got back about 11:30. I left a rib for Teddy and his Aunt Kim brought him some scrabbled eggs, but he did not touch them until I got back. Teddy was one happy little dog when I got home :happydance:


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hey doug, glad you got to your appt ok despite the evil looks from the bus driver,lol. i think plastic was the best choice myself. i hope it works well for you once you get it. i bet teddy was pacing the whole time you were gone, waiting for you to return safe and sound. bless their hearts, you gotta love them, huh. but you got out for alittle while which probably was good for you too.

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