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Approved for therapy



Recently a Therapy program was set up here, I do not know if it is both PT and OT, but I am eligible for therapy. Although I got to get to know most of the therapists at the VA, I won't have to take the bus. That is a bit of a hassle, $12. per trip and of course the occasional unscheduled tour of the city. Anyway my old PT and good friend Patrick, no longer works at the VA. I will most likely work on my own anyway. I am getting sick of this damn chair, although I have learned to move pretty fast. All I need is for the VA to get my brace as soon as possible. :silly:

There are some strange and interesting people here. There is one older man that is from Germany. He said he joined the British army during WWII, I just wonder if he might be Jewish. Then there is the old woman who parks her wheelchair in one certain spot every day and just mumbles to herself. Also a few sad cases there is one woman who used to be a pilot and a nurse. She wanders the halls trying to remember her room number. I met her daughter a few times and she calls Teddy Theodore. Another lady that sits at the same table I do in the dining room just very casually mentioned yesterday that she was dying, she didn't say exactly from what but it sounds like Liver disease. I remember a man at the Nursing home I was in that died of Liver disease. Just before he died he turned very yellow (I had never seen that before).

The weather has turned cold and windy today. It was about 40 degrees and very windy this morning when I took Teddy out. Of course, he wanted to take a much longer walk than I did but I won. I control his leash. :hahaha:


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