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Ken, this is an election run up. Get on to the phone to your local candidates and chat to them about all the costs you have as a disabled person and how they are funded. Maybe we'll all benefit if one becomes Minister for Health. And if he/she doesn't at least your voice in their ear may make them more aware of the problems.


I can't say how sorry I am that you're not mobile, I know how Ray must hate that sometimes and as you say toilets in parks and recreation areas are a real problem. Uneven pavers, overgrown grassed edges, even small white pebbles which are impossible to push a wheelchair through all cause me to roar when I am trying to do a quick trip to the toilet with Ray in the wheelchair. And tree roots!!!!


Don't worry about venting your frustration, it's your blog and you just tell it like it is.


(((Hugs))) from Sue.

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Vent, Vent, Vent as you need to do. No one ever has said that recovery is easy. Unfortunately, the powers that be, when planning accesses, did not take in account those of us you cannot just run or easily walk over obstacles. Pre-stroke, I must be honest, I never really paid much attention to handicap accesses - but now is a different story. It is frustrating, hopefully there will be a change in attitude as well as design.

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It's okay to vent, It is indeed frustrating to see can't go to places due to wheelchair accessible issues. though hopefully that wil give you more strength to be able to walk without wheelchair.




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I understand your frustration. I never thought it would take this long to recover from anything. I have come to realize that I get brain fatigue and there are days that my body just has to stop and recover from what I have done to it.


But I feel that this is the still the right direction on the road to recovery. Even when I have a stretch of bad days, one after another, I keep telling myself my body is telling me it is still recovering, it is still progress.


I have no patience. Pre-stroke, the one thing that frustrated me so very much is taking one step forward, only to have to go back three steps to accomplish the one we just did. It would drive me crazy. Yet, I had to be patient and go back and build the blocks I thought were completed.


Now its my body that makes me go back two steps to accomplish the one. There is no one else I can be impatient with. Its up to me and only me. I hope you realize that even if you feel you are dropping back a few steps, your body works in plateaus, abysses, and what we all anticipate: ascents. Ascents will come again to you, Awesome Ken. Just keep up the work and the faith.


Still, let us know about your "down" days so we can help you build back up. Take Care. LK

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I have become more aware of "Handi cap accessible" .... to Whose standards.. bricks, and bumps, and some of the rest areas. have right angle turns to get into, doors that weigh a ton.We have many "strong" here. If we all start writing letters, or phone calls to congressmen, minister of health. some of the stroke magazines.. maybe enough squeeky wheels will get someone to actually look at some of the problems.. everywhere.I had never been down long.. before this. back to work 3 weeks after major rotator cuff surgery, etc. I found working slow and steady.. if I pushed to hard .. I was physically and mentally exhausted.. and set me back instead of going forward. Still if I over do a day or 2, then it takes several days.. of near nothing, to catch back up.Getting over tired, exhausted is a set back... try to listen to your body.. and it does take practice practice .. repetition. My walking/gait improved in the 2nd and 3rd years. .. before that my walking resembled a very drunk person, with a cane. I regained most physical abilities.. not to pre-stroke days, but functional. It is the cognitive deficits I still get frustrated with at times. Hang in there, and know we are here for you

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