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Scruffy and the snake

Aussie Ken


Well my little mate Scruffy decided to take on a red belly black snake last week, unfortunately he got bitten twice but luckily we saw it happen so Kathy and the kids got him straight to the vet. They were able to give him some anti-venom and kept him overnight. The next day he was sore and sorry but was recuperating well, he has been very quite the last couple of days but is doing well.

Even so we are not near bushland it my have came up through the drain system or down the road from the horse paddock up the road.

We told the vet to give him a good telling off.

He loves to chase the garden skinks and bees. But talk about patients we think he had the snake bailed up all afternoon. I


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Glad Scruffy will be ok - poor baby - bet he'll twice before chasing something again. It is a blessing you all were home at the time.

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Ditto, I am glad you got scruffy to the Vet, maybe he was trying to protect his family.Molly is a bit more careful now, when snapping and chasing things.. as she did get a bee one time, and once came running to me with a big black ant firmly attached to her lip.

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Ken--What a harrowing tale. It must have been hard to watch. I am so glad Scruffy is OK. My sister had a wire hair terrier whom she gave the elegant name of Rob Roy. My brother and I gave him the nom de plume of Scruffy. That, of course, made her mad, which was probably the point. That was what brothers and sisters do; it was fun to see her irked. Scruffy was a strange little fellow. Take Care. LK
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