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Sorry to hear the loss of your friends. I have known of quite a few people who were very fit, and health conscious, who also passed away? I suppose some of it is genetics.. or some malformation of some part. So the old saying live each day like it could be your last.. Tell your loved ones and friends I Love You.I have used a couple pieces of exercise equipment. Not sure I could manage a treadmill.. if it was on SLLLOOOWW maybe. I wnated to learn to "run" I can't get coordinated enough to do it. so the grandkids are used to doing quieter things, and walks with grandma.Tag and soccer are not something I can do anymore

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hey Ken:


sorry to hear about your friend's losses. we all have come to this world with return ticket and have to make best out of every single day, so that we have created lasting memories for friends and families. I love treadmill, first time when I had tried they had put harness on me, and PT was making sure my leg placements were correct, though I have since stuck with treadmill, that's the only thing I can do without any pain. so keep at it, and you will get it there.




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My condolences at the loss of your friends. We are never sure when our time here is going to end...so we must live our lives to the fullest and be sure to express our love to those around us.


As to your treadmill...I've never tried a treadmill yet though the opportunity did arise at one time when I was receiving therapy for lower back pain. As I'm not the most graceful creature on the planet, I'm sure a video of my attempts could end up on a realty show or a "how not to workout on a treadmill" training video. Best of luck...keep moving forward.

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Ken--I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your friends. A former classmate of mine from high school died a couple of weeks ago. When I hear of one of my friends or someone I knew "back when," died, I ask, "Why them and not me?" I will never know the answer but it bothers me because they were people who were effective in this world; they were people who had people in their lives to love them. I don't know.


Congrats on the treadmill! At least you are not going backwards, even if it takes someone to be behind you to ensure you do not! Keep it going. Take Care. LK

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