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Feeling pretty good tonight!

Billie Jo


Hi all!

I just had to update you on what is new to me..

Went to the psychiatrist Thursday.. he said I was doing a little better. (and I guess I am LOL) I have my moments of anxst but am doing better to control it. He did up my Lexapro to 20MG instead of 10MG. I am not sure if it helps yet or not.. he said it could take a couple weeks to see. Anyway.. I got to spend a week with my mom in south dakota and we had a blast :)

I always enjoy my trips to her house!

Hubby is almost done combining corn then he will have to turn the dirt I think he called it disking.. ha ha been on this farm for 25+ years and I still don't know what it is he does all the time.. haha I am not the farmer.. just the farmer's wife.. LOL

Anyway.. I am off to take a shower and hit the sheets.

Hope all is well with your worlds!

God Bless,


Billie Jo


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Thanks for the up date. Glad you got away and a good visit with your mom. Sometimes a break from normal routine, it really a great uplift.Sleep tight.

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hi billie jo, its great you had a nice visit with your mom. its always nice to go home, huh. yes you are right its called disking. i grew up on a farm and we grew wheat. the soil has to turned so a new crop can be planted. now you need to rest up from your visit.

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Glad to hear you had a nice visit with your Mom. It's always fun to get away. As to being the farmer's wife? Can't help you there lo Never been there or done that lol.

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