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feeling pretty good today! WOO HOO

Billie Jo


Hi all!


Today is one of "those" days where here I sit.. all alone. But I am not too stressed about it. I have this great strokenet board to keep me company! :)


Anyway, I walked around the farm today and my back started to hurt so gave that up LOL


Called a girl friend to see if she wanted to do something. She said yes! WOO HOO so now I am waiting for her to call back so we can go out.


The combining is all done on the farm but the hubby is busy doing stalk chopping and won't be home for hours.


His birthday is tomorrow a whopping 51 years old! :) We have plans to visit my sister and her family tomorrow. That will be fun!


Well, phone ringing.. so better tally ho!

have a great night everyone!!



Billie Jo


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hey BillieJo:


I also love this network to give me company when I am all alone, glad you are having great day, tell your hubby Happy Birthday from all of us at strokenet




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