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el perro veijo o gordo



I am not sure, but Teddy is either getting too old or fat. He is having problems getting off the bed. Looks like I am going to have to get him some doggie steps.

He is also mad at me. I haven't let him have any table food, so he is not happy. He hasn't eaten any of his dog food, but when he gets hungry enough I guess he isn't going to have much choice.

He looked like he didn't feel very good this morning when I took him out. He just sat down at first then he laid down in the grass. That really didn't last long because he was soon up and acted like his normal self.


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Teddy may want to communicate with my crew.. lol, they are all on diets, and limited treats. We are getting some looks... as to what is going on... but they are getting used to it. Although they do head for the feed bowls when we put them down.We have been giving them 1/2 in the morning and the other 1/2 around 5 to 6 pm. we have cut back on the soft type treats.. they get broken in 1/2.. and I bought the "small" dog biscuits. I think the biscuits are a treat, but also help with tartar on the teeth. Maybe one of the Aunties.. wil simmer some baby carrots in a little chicken broth. they can be a little cruncy. keep them in the fridge. then when you stop by to say hi, they have a healthy snack for Teddy.

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doug, i understand that very well. my last blog explained about my pooch too. table scraps are the worst for dogs, let him lick the plate if you want to. we have taken to feeding our dog just boiled chicken and veggies, and he seems to be losing weight and its easy on his digestion. we to like bonnie have cut the treats to half now. i hope teddy will use the doggie steps if u get them. good luck.

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