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Teddy is getting better



:Clap-Hands: Teddy is doing much better today. He didn't have any table food, he did eat a little dog food and a couple of dog treats. He is pretty much back to normal. He sure looked pitiful yesterday. When I did take him out late yesterday, he ended up laying in the grass. He did not want to get into the bed last night. I had to pick him up and put him in the bed. He did not like that, but at least he didn't get mad, although he wanted to. All of his Aunties agreed not to give him table food any more. They will keep dog treats in the med room because he likes to go in there first thing in the morning and see his Aunties. Everyone was was worried about him too. :BashHead: I am relieved. Thanks for all the advice and concern. (Tail wags from Teddy). :cloud9:



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So glad to hear Teddy is better. We watched a program, and my husband is conviced now.. not to give them table scraps, a small bite of chicken or little piece of beef. I read one ounce of cheese for a dog is like us eaing 3 hamburgers. So now they only get little tastes of meat... beef or chicken. cooked carrots are also good for a treat.I sometimes cook some baby carrots in a little chicken broth. We use a higher quality dog food from the pet store, and not a grocery store brand. Many of the kind at grocery stores, the first ingredient is corn or wheat. many dogs can develop loads of allergies to these. We mainly stick with lamb and rice, or chicken and rice.Nutro Natural Choice is what we use, you can sign up on line, they will send you a post card, fill it out, they will send coupons for 1.00 off a bag.. about 10 coupons, also when you buy 10 bags, save the receipt and the UPC code from the bag you get a free bag of food.we also use Missing Link.. it is a vitamin/amino acid powder sprinkled on their dry food. it does need to be kept in a firdeg after opening, it is by weight. but should last about 2 months with Teddy's size.We have a 16 or 17 year old Malmute (we found her 10 yrs ago) I really think the Missing Link has helped saved her and keeps her going. ( we have 6 dogs) all have beautiful shiny fur. You will also find with a higher quality dog food, they absorb more food, don't get diarrhea.. and have less poop... as they are absorbing the food. you don't need to feed them as much food either. I try to split their feedings. 1/2 the recommended amout in the morning, the other half around 5 or 6 pm.My dogs range from 4 to 17 yrs old. and our cat is 10Good luck Teddy... woofs and wags from Tasha, Muggsy, Molly, Romeo, Mindy and Alyese and a meow from Chompers.

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So glad to hear Teddy is feeling better. Glad to hear his Aunties are agreeable to change in diet. Sometimes "family" don't want to cooperate all the time or try to stretch the boundaries. Animals do not forget lol. One time only Crystal got her little furry head into an empty bowl of cereal that still had some milk. To this day she will wait her chance. Cats and milk can = diarrhea so we're very cautious.

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