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Teddy gets sick



Me and Teddy's aunts have been very worried about Teddy. Yesterday he got sick. He woke up very early in the morning and jumped down from the bed and went under the table. When I woke up he was throwing up under the table. He throws up occasionally, but this was different. He was very lethargic and started choking. I took him outside, but at one point he just laid down in the grass. He was ready to go inside but didn't seem interested in going to the med room to see Aunt Kim and Aunt Nora. He didn't want any food, he just wanted to get back to my room and back under the table. He did perk up a little when Kim came down to give him a treat. At first he didn't want to eat but Kim thought he might be chocking so she struck his back hoping to dislodge anything he might be choking on. Nothing came out, but he felt like eating some bacon.

He was very lethargic most of the day, hiding under the table. He was better today, almost his old self. Now it seems he is having a relapse because he is under the table again and doesn't even want to go out for a walk.


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Poor Teddy. You might not like hearing this but the problem very could well be all the table food he gets. Table food in quantity is not good for any animal (dog or cat). We had an old neighbor who literally killed her dog because of all the "wrong" food. Teddy consumes quite a variety and amount of table food. Keep him to dog food and treats and you will hopefully see a difference. He may not be happy at first not getting table food but he'll learn to eat what he is supposed to.

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