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Typical Colorado snowstorm



Like most snowstorms here it snows like crazy for one day, then the next day the sun comes out it warms up and a lot of the snow melts. It was very difficult this morning very cold and very icy conditions. Aunt Kim had to take Teddy on his morning walk. He slipped and slid and didn't stay out very long but was happy to get back in. I took him out after lunch, it was still fairly cold and there was some icy spots. I almost got stuck in the ice once, but managed to get out. Aunt Nora gave Teddy some chicken encheladas, he didn't like that. Then Aunt Kim brought him some spaghetti and meatballs. He didn't like the spaghetti but ate the meatballs. I guess he wants to cut down on carbs.

I do hope the cold (upper 20's) will kill off all the flies and wasps, they really have been a hassle. Luckily Teddy didn't get stung, but I did once. I used to be freaked out by wasps since when I was fairly yong and we were visiting Mississippi. My brother got attacked by almost a whole nest that was in the old car he was playing in. Now I pretty much ignore them and even swat at them with a flyswatter. Teddy does not like that and seems to think I am swatting at him.

A pretty flimsy tent had been erected over the smoking area several weeks ago. It didn't last long. It collapsed under the weight of the snow. I am no engineer, but I could have told them that the day they put it up.


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