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Listen the snow is falling



We had our first snowfall of the season today. It snowed about 5 inches. Yesterday it was 80 degrees. I took Theodore out early before it started coming down. It came down pretty good too. I took Teddy out again just after lunch. The snow had pretty much stopped, but the sidewalks were still slushy and snow was falling from the trees. Fortunately, he had mercy on me and didn't want to down the snow covered sidewalkwalks. Although I did get the wheels changed on my chair, I was still a bit worried about getting stuck or tipping over. I made sure I had my cell phone with me. It is almost 5:00pm and Teddy is giving me the take me out look, so it's about time for me to face the harsh elements.

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Hi I live in Southern Alberta Canada about 4 hrs n of great falls . You always have more snow than us - we are less than 5,280 ft I consider Casper Wy home my brother ( exair forcwe lived in Co dprings for years - one of theit fave places

I hate to see winter& snow arrive I don't mind the cold as much as getting around & driving we have to leave town for most anything not at a convenience store - the closest Walmart is 45 min on highway

I know when I say Canada alot of people think cold & snow but as I said Denver area gets lots more snow and probably not as cold as we can get


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