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Halloween stuff



As Halloween approaches I thought I would share some thoughts on this subject.

My first overseas assignment was at RAF Chicksands in Bedfordshire England. About 50 miles north of London. RAF Chicksands was a very old Priory first built in the 12th century. It is rumored to have been built over the ruins of an Ancient Roman temple. The Priory remained active until The rein of Henry VIII when he had it confiscated and turned it over to one of his Nobles. Eventually it became the property of the Osbourne family a general in the British army. He played an important part in the defeat of Napoleon. Their family held the property until the 1930's when it was returned to the Crown. During WWII it was used as an early warning RADAR base. The US Air Force took control not long after the war. The Priory had a ghost of course. Her name was Rossata. She was allegedly a nun at the priory that had an affair with a man. As her punishment she was sealed inside on of the walls in the Priory. The spot is remembered by a marker at the place she was sealed up. There have been several sightings of her ghost over the years. There are modern base housing right next to the Priory, where many of the sightings occurred.

There is a small hill on the base. On the side of the hill is a pond. People had tried to dive into the lake, only to have disappeared.

Recently, the base was returned to the RAF. After the war in Iraq, the former #2 man in Iraq, Teraz Aviv was imprisoned there.

I never had any encounters with Rossata. I guess it is just legend.


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