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A very eccentric people



I think the British are best known for bad teeth, bad cooking, eccentric people with a very strange sense of humour (little Brit spelling) . They are indeed very eccentric. They have an early evening show sorta like "Today". They have profiled some very British people. One man who is a forest ranger. He claimed that at night many of the trees would move around from place to place. There was also an elderly, woman I think in here late 80's. She lived in a very old stone cottage and it was going to be torn down to make way for a motorway. She decided instead she would move the house herself. Moving every stone by herself. There was also a story about a man who would see ghosts of Roman solders in his basement (thats the Halloween connection). Except he would see them marching, but he could only see them from about the knees up. As it turned out there was an ancient Roman road that went right below his basement so that is why he saw them from the knees up.

They did invent or create satire, which I am a very satirical person. They would mock almost anything. Especially the French and Germans. I once saw a comedy segment that mocked the US military, however it was a very mild satire compared to what they did to the Russians in the same sketch.

One of their favourite hobbies is to go to the nearest US Air Force base and watch plane landing, they would even write down the tail numbers of the planes. I don't know if they still do that. With terrorism they military police may not like that too much.

All in all I really liked the British people. They are difficult to get to know, but are really friendly once you do.


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