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I do beleve in spooks



It really wasn't aware until recently that I realized I had a sixth sense. I have never physically seen a ghost, but I have had some very unusual sensations. What really convinced me was a few years ago when I was leaving work I had a sensation that I would get into an accident. Several weeks later I did have a wreck leaving the parking lot. I wasn't hurt but Teddy was with me. Another time, my brother bought a house south of Denver. It was a very nice house, but I always had a sense of something bad happening there. It involved my niece specifically, I think it was a car wreck. Luckily they moved out of the house and nothing happened.

In 1980 not long after I arrived in England I had a very vivid dream. Just before I left for England, my grandmother died. Because of my schedule to leave for England I was unable to attend her funeral. That really bothered me for quite a while. Then one night I had a very vivid dream. My grandmother came to me in that dream and just said "I'm alive", that was a great comfort to me and I never felt guilty again.

Other times I have felt the presence of someone. I used to live on the side of Green Mountain which had a very panoramic view of Denver.I felt the presence of two Native Americans beside me. One was on horseback and the other was just standing there. I never saw them, but just felt their presence.



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spooky doug. i have always believed in ghosts. the paranormal is a real thing, other people i have met share my beliefs and some don't. to each his own.

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