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Annual leaf mass suicide in Denver



Denver: This past weekend was the peak of the annual mass suicide of leaves. After several days of cooler weather and a gusty north wind. Thousands of leaves lept to their death off trees all over the city. AP :tongue:

But seriously, Teddy went out for his late morning walk today and found a chicken bone. He refused to let me take it from him. He ended up coming back to our room. He ate a small piece, but I managed to take some of it away before he could eat it all. He did attack my reacher when I took it away. He did choke a little, but seems fine now.

I ordered him some medicine for his arthritis. I really hope that helps.


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Teddy, Teddy, Teddy....I hope he's OK.


I love the Fall. When my kids were young, I used to gather them up along w/ their friends and their Moms (I'm not crazy--never let your children outnumber you...its a survival tactic!). We would go to the town park, a few doors down from our house, armed w/ rakes. We Moms would rake up all the leaves in the park and make several piles and the kids would jump in the piles. Once everyone got tired or cold enough, we'd all tramp back to my house and we would feed the kids kid food, which I made, and then I would serve my friends a "Ladies Gourmet Luncheon." At these occasions, I would make up a menu of Fall type foods. So good, my mouth is drooling as I write this. It was so much fun. The kids had a great time as did we Moms. Take Care. LK

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Hope Teddy is ok... I have my dogs on diets and restricted snacks.. so if you drop something it is like a shark attack..LOl My vet also recommended green beans for a snack.. straight from the can. she said they add no calories and you can give them several and they think they are getting a lot. small carrots also.I remeber raking the leaves.. the kids from the neighborhood would get together and we would make huge piles of leaves to jump in.. and even leaf rooms...LOLGlucosamine/chondroitin supplement is good for joints I buy The Missing Link at Pets Mart, it goes by weight, i sprinkle on their food, there is one with the Joint Formula also.

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