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Down day



Today has not been a good day. I am very emotionally down. How can I forgive my family for their cruelty and downright hostility. I have not phoned my parents since early August. They have sent me a few e-mails, but I don't bother answering them anymore. If I call my parents I know they will start in on me again. I cannot just take their attitude. I may very well go off on them. I have tried logic, and they give me excuses. All they want to talk about is 'my problems'. Anyone that dares attempt to speak up for me gets the wrath of 'Daddy dearest' He has always acted liked a 2 year old whenever he hears something he doesn't like, he pulls a temper tantrum until he get's his way. Not this time. I started from nothing when I joined the Air Force, and I can do it again.

I am the only one of my sibling units that became a success on my own. My brother borrowed money from my parental units. My dear sister married a rich businessman. Even worse they are the "Holier than Thou" Christians. Hypocrites all.

Sorry for the vent when I get upset, it upsets Teddy too, and that just makes me feel worse

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I am sorry you are having down day today, don't let others judging you get to you, only God knows the truth & can judge us. it does not matter what your parents or whole world think of you as long as you think good about yourself and love yourself, you don't have to prove anybody wrong or right. I know advice is easy to give, but don't let ignorant ppl hurt you anyways.


lot of hugs



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