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getting better



:i_did_it!: It has been a while since I have written in my blog because there has been a lot going on that has been very emotionally draining. Trying to accept that my parents (especially my father), verbally and emotionally abused me has not been easy. I did find a similar site to this, but it is not nearly as good. They did confirm the abuse though. I did learn more about abuse, and the abuser. My father does fit the description. He is trying to lure me back into the abusive relationship, but I refuse.

I did talk to my friend Anne, and it turns out her mother was abused, but really worse than I was. She grew up in WWII era Germany. Her father was in the German army, and even beat her. One time so badly he covered her with a blanket so no one would hear her cries. Actually, she responded like I did by excelling at everything she did. Unfortunately I excelled in the Intelligence community and much of what I did is shrouded in secrecy. Really someone just has to take my word on it. And my parents just cannot accept I am capable of achievement. Really, I think I am one of the few people who literally came back from the dead, and still got bitched at.

The other events were mixed. One I got a check for $750 from SS. It seems the state is going to pay for my Medicare Plan B, so extra money for me. I did splurge a little. But then the bad news: I got a bill for almost $650 for my prescriptions. It seems Medicaid will no longer pay for them. So today I went to the VA and got on their program. It will be a lot cheaper.

Sometimes the surf's up, sometimes it's down.



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