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hi all...news from tianjin is coming to me via two spouses of survivors who are astonished and of course repulsed by the unethical treatment their partners are receiving as only the slezoid china connection can deliver...i'll tell ya, there's nothing quite like abusive behavior in another country by a stroke survivor from your own country!...karma police: we do have a 911 in tianjin, china!


i'm all resettled in my apartment here in greenwich village, new york...last saturday i had a little reunion at my place with 5 other people i met while in tianjin who live in the ny/nj area...three of us decided to start an intensive therapy program at the advanced recovery rehabilitation center in sherman oaks, ca...los angeles...i'll be concentrating on my arm/hand utilizing the saebo orthosis in conjunction with constraint induced movement therapy...check out their website at: www.advancedrecovery.org

the protocol: 6 hours of continuous therapy (with short breaks) from 8am - 2pm 5 days per week for 3 weeks...plus 2 hours of 'homework' every night...i'm grateful i'll have my two buds with me for that all important support...if i were going alone, the tv would look better to me than that evening's homework!...i'll be blogging of course from the facility to render my experience there...


another promising therapy i'm pursuing is the ness L300 neuroprosthetic by bioness, inc....this little gadget improves gait for individuals experiencing foot drop...check out what they offer:


one of my friends from tianjin is currently utilizing it with positive results...

i have an appointment in a week and a half for a consultation to begin the process at ny presbyterian hospital...i'll keep posting!


i'd like to close with a pitch for fellowship/community for us survivors...if it weren't for strokenetwork

i would never have found out about stem cell therapy in kiev which launched me on my healing journey...now keeping in touch with other survivors who also want to seek promising therapies, the next step on my path has been revealed...a shout out of thanks and acknowledgement to steve for creating strokenetwork...together we can do what we can not do alone...stay connected!!!!...richxxx


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Thank you Rich for the valuable information you have given us here about the China Connection. I think it is awesome you are in touch with some of who were with you there. I am looking forward to hearing of your experience in Sherman Oaks and with the L300.You are so right...Much praise to Steve for giving us Strokenet. I look forward to your next entry. *~ Shirley *~

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HI Rich, good to hear from you. And as always wishing you the very best with new therapies.We have a SUB Forum now.. for Alternative treatment and Therapy. I moved some of the posts from stem cell and other therapies into it also.http://www.strokeboard.net/index.php?showforum=72 so am looking forward to you adding to the New Sub Forum Also.. Best wishes to you and look forward to your up dates.Bonnie

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hiya rich, good to hear from you. i too have looked into the advanced recovery program in ca. seems like a very good and rigorous program. alittle pricey for me though. i wish you the best in this program, just remember to do your homework, lol. keep us posted on how you are doing. yes this website is the best, we all thank god for steve everyday.

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