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I love my country



I love my country; however there are things about it that drive me completely nuts. In addition, most of these things seem to emanate from the White House and the hollow halls of Congress. Last month Mr. Bush our great leader. Proclaimed October 12 National Child Health Care Day. Later in the someday he vetoed the Child Health Care Bill. Is it just me or does anyone else see some terrible irony here. The great white Leaser explained that he had to do this in order to prevent the rich from taking advantage of the plan by dropping their good insurance policies and take the insurance offered by the government. Sure as if the rich would drop, their expensive coverage to get the minimal insurance this bill would offer some 20 million children. Why not take 30 minutes of what we are currently spending in Iraq. Every day and provide some health care for our kids. Oh, no that might be wasted money where does this man have a heartbeat. Will the answer to that question is easy it does not because this creature does not have a heart. Everything from not caring if the poor children of this country have decent health care to not providing adequate services for our brave men and woman who are coming home from his war against terror. Congress has blood on its hands too because they will not over ride this man


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Guest lwisman


I was reflecting on the fact that taxes are going up in my area. Everything from property tax to basic sales tax, to taxes on specifics -- like bottled water.


This is one of the conclusions of Bush's tax cuts to the wealthy. One of the comments in the local news right after the cuts was that less money would be coming back to states. Therefore states give back less to local government. Many of those who got a tax cut don't understand it either. Why is it that people of little or moderate means are having to make up the slack. This makes no sense.


The democrats may not be much better than the republicans, but I think they have more of a chance to turn the country around.


Thanks for making these comments in your blog.

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You love this country and you should. I gives you and the democrats the right of freedom of speech. This right therefore allows bashing the present administation as well - however, you seem to forget a few thing. I don't know your age, but I am going to teach you a few things.

1) If the previous administration had taken some action when the TwinTowers had previously been attacked, there wouldn't have been a 9/11. And the embassy bombings which also killed Americans wouldn't have happpened either. But all of that is hindsight. You bash the President, which your freedom of speech also allows. Check out a senator from Massachusetts who also bashes the present party; people who live in glass houses should keep their mouths shut.

2) You say you don't understand why this country does not providw health insurance for the children. let me explain this to you. I am a child of the depression, although I came into this world at the end of that difficult time. People then, our parents, were different. Insurance wasn't as big as it is now. My parents had to pay for an ear operation for my sister and two for me with doctor visits weekly inbetween them. They had the money to pay for them because they saved for a rainy day. I guess the depression taught that. Today, go to any supermarket and stand by the check out lines and observe the steaks sold for 5.99 a lb, the cases of beers and the general junk. Go to the movies and see the line of people paying big prices just to get inand then the tubs of popcorn and jugs of soda consumed while watching the show. Most people own a tv and we used to sit around the radio as a family and listen to Jack Benny and The Shadow, and occasionally go to a movie and but a bar of candy for a nickel. Go to fast food restaurants and see whole families stuffing their mouths with burgersm fries and drinks and often king-sized, Listen to the amounts of money paif for just that small amount of food. Go to the high schools and see the huge student parking lots. Those lots are paid for with the tax dollars we pay for schools which is at the top or close to the top on out tax bill. Go inside the schools and see the cell phones that the students have (although some schools are banning them now). Parents says they are able to know where their children are; our parents always knew where we were with cell phones.

3) Social security was never intended to pay for our old age. It was meant to add a bit more to our savings.

You say you love this country - well you should, but it 's flawed a bit. One word, RESPONSIBILITY, was forgotten. It was substituted with "it takes a village" as in it takes a village to raise children. Where is the responsibility? Where are our priorities? I'm not saying to not enjoy life, but there is a better way, and that is to take responsibility for your own life. Children are a responsibility. They need health care more than the fast food, cell phones, cars, etc. It is not the responsibility of the government .......and that is why the bill was not signed.


And before you bash President Bush and say he doesn't have a heart; you do not know him and apparently not seen his tears. They were not for photo ops; they were the real thing. He is human just as you are, and yes with a heart.


There are two sides to every story. Take some time to look at the other side. JMHO!


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hey clark:


I don't like to comment on political views since everybody has their own view on situation. I too sometime sulk at the way Indian government runs the country, things I view as suffering is way of life for many in those countries. same is true for this country, not everything will be perfect, but there are lot of things which works in this prt of world, though lot of problems has been created in rest of the world by these so called advanced countries. I am glad blogging is helping you as good therapy. Maybe steve should start charging :D






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