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WOW ,was yesterday a great day



Well yesterday was one of the best days I've had post stroke. I felt like my old self (pre-stroke) except for the limp ;) .

I took Kath to work, went to Canadian tire for a part, visited a friend, took the car to be winterized, did some shopping, did some things around the apartment, picked up Kath after work, and went out for supper. Well today I'm paying for my good day, thank god I'm not bedridden like I was a month ago (thanks to naproxin) you'd think I'd learn to slow down alittle, but then that's just not me ;)

I'm hoping that I start to feel better by tommorrow and am able to go outside again, don't want to completly mess up a perfectly good weekend.


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Hey Stu--I read your blog and I remember when I would "overdo" and pay for it the next day. But guess what?? It gets easier. You will see in time, there will be more and more you can do. Keep it up. I'm glad you had a good day. Take Care. LK
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