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YO HO - YO HO it's a shopping we will go



Our trip to Grand Forks was alittle hectic at first, just trying to get out of the city was a chore. First I had to double check that we had packed everything needed, and make sure I was at Kath's work around 4PM., after picking her up we went and picked up her sister. The trip to the border was uneventfull, but the security was really tight at the border, luckily we had taken our passports or we might still be waiting in line.


We had booked the Holiday Inn Express for two nights. I don't want to seem as if i'm whinning but at $112 and night, I couldn't believe just how cheap the place was built. You could walk down the hall and feel the floor move, the room was no better with the tub all scratched up and the countertop in the bathroom was broke and the break was put back together by someone who didn't know what they were doing. But all I really cared was that I had a bed for the night.


Saturday we had breakfast, and then the shopping began. First stop was Micheals as they were the only thing open at 9AM, we spent awhile there and then proceeded to Gordmans, three hours and $250 dollars seemed to just fly by. We stopped for a quick lunch and then off to Kohls where Kath and Judy decided that I needed some new clothes for our cruise. Imagine me stuck in a changeroom, the two of them throwing shirts,a multituded of slacks, ties, shoes, more shirts, more slacks, and everytime I thought we were finished and got dressed, they brought more. Finally the two of them thought I had enough clothes, and supper was suggested (it was 5PM and I was exhausted). We went to the Green Mill and the food was really good, my steak was wonderfull and sooo tender that I could litterally cut it with just a butter knife ;) The girls wanted to go to Target and shop after supper, I told them to just drop me off at the hotel, and it was just after 10PM they wandered back exhausted (we'd been up since 7:30AM so were exhausted). Sunday, up at 8:30, breakfast, and girding up our loins for another Power Shop ;)

A Huge Christmas craft sale at the Alerus centre was our first stop, then Hallmark, back to Gordmans, Target, Khols, lunch, and then Menards where we decided we'd stop shopping. As we'd already checked out, we filled up the car with gas and headed for home. The drive to the border was uneventfull, we stopped at Pembina and bought some booze at the duty free, and then 10 minutes to the border. I'm glad we took our passports because we only sat for maybe 20 minutes in line, all the while watching cars and trucks pulled over to be searched. The rest of the ride was relaxing, we dopped off Judy and her load and got home around 7:30PM, our son met us at the apartment and helped us unload (seems he knew we had some stuff for him) :)

We finally got everything put away and crashed around 10:30PM.

Let me tell you when we wroke up Monday we were stiff to say the least, I made breakfast and sent Kath off to work, and I went back to bed :) All in all we had a good time, after talking to Judy last night we've decided that if we do this again, maybe we'd try Fargo :)



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You 3 shopped until you almost dropped - glad all went well. Did you try telling the girls what my Brother-dear tells kiddo anytime he takes her shopping? "Shop like a guy". Lol Apparently you did not tell them that - keep in mind for the next venture - not that they'll listen of course but you'll feel better :yadayada: .


That's a shame about the hotel conditions though. I'd file a complaint with Holiday Inn Express.

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Shop like a guy??? For Ray it used to mean try on one thing and if it fitted just buy it in three differnt colors!


Glad you got through the shopping spree and came home ok Stu. That was quite a marathon, your womenfolk sure have stamina.


And you being willing to go again is a sign that you are recoverng well. More power to you my friend.



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wow stu:


I got exhausted just reading your shopping excursion. there should be saying shop like Asha, just go to shop when you really want something, buy that thing & getout. luckily hubby is like me 2, so we are okay just closet full of clothes




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Wow! Stu...your shopping sounded so fun and exhausting, I got tired reading your!. And I can imagine how yummy that ateak was..Slurp!I use to work in the Hospitality Industry and a room for $112.00 a night in poor condition is unacceptable. Holiday Inn is a brand name and that is ahameful they still rented a room like that. I would most definately send a complaint to their Corporate Headquarters as well as a letter to the General Manager of that Express. They need to be aware, better yet, call them directly and ask to speak to the General Manager. I once went to San Diego and my sister-in-law booked a place for $116.00 a night. Definately was not worth it and I marched on down to the front desk and told them it was unacceptable. They were over-booked and could not move me to another room so I insisted they bring the rate down and I got it for $69.00. I still thought that was too much but oh well. I didn't want to seperate from the rest of my family that were in other rooms. Another time I was in San Diego, it was hella hot and the air-con was not working in the room and they were no fans available...of course I march on down to the front desk and got the room for $50 a night for a whole week. But I went and bought a fan at a store, couldn't take the heat and bought the fan home Or, if you paid by credit card for the room you can put in a credit card dispute with your bank or credit card company. Tell them your reason is the room was in poor condition and you were not satisfied, describe everything to them. Normal procedure is that they will credit your acount temporarily the amount you are disputing and they will send Holiday Inn Express a Credit Card Claim Inquiry. They have so many days to send back a response and if no response is sent back or it is late, they are fined like 25.00 ++ dollars and if their reply is unsatisactory, they do a chargeback to the Express and your room will be free. They usually want the customers to try and resolve disputes with the Merchant first before going this way but if you get no results then go this way. But anyway, glad you had a blast and what did you get me?...LOL!

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Dear Stu--Phoenix is correct. I might add, too: The hotel likes to be given the chance to right the wrong while the guest is still in-house. Perhaps you did this and still got no satisfaction. Holiday Inn Express has a site for people who stayed at their hotels and you can rate the various amenities offered by the hotel, i.e. room condition, utilities, housekeeping, front desk staff, check-in, check-out, etc. This is for each property be it a franchise or a Holiday Inn owned property. These ratings and comments are kept on the internet for other people who read who are planning on staying at that particular property. Filling in and writing about your experience is a must.


Then, as Phoenix suggested, you write to Holiday Inn headquarters but before you do, find out the CEO's name and address your letter expressly (sorry, I couldn't help myself) to him/her.


Doing the above means you are doing a good service to future guests, to the hotel, and to H.I. headquarters. They have a product they offer the public keeping and defining certain standards to the public. If those standards are not met, it besmirches the company's reputation, not to mention lost revenue. Good Luck. Take Care. LK

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